A Lockdown Student

Book Information in Short:- hello friends, The book “A Lockdown Student” is Written by MD-Mood and it is the Online Blog Page formate of this Book. So this Book Is all about the writer’s experience when it was in the 10th Standard in the year 2020. So I hope you will like the Story in the book. Share it with your all friends so they also get knowledge about it. 

Firstly, This is my First Book so I don’t have knowledge about how to explain my Feelings perfectly with words. But I have given my 100% to you. This book is my 10th Standard and the whole higher Educations Experience which will help you in your Higher Studies. 

A Lockdown Student

The Story Starts in my childhood, at age of 5 or 6 years I come to the City from my village for my studies and my father’s work. At that time I am also working during my school Days as a Normal child. But after my 2nd Standard, I get admission to one of the best schools in my city and after some hard work in my studies, I got 92% in my 4th Standard. 

And my Parent’s Expectations of me is increased and they have given me a target of the same percentage in my 10th. So from 4th Standard, i have participated in so many competitive exams in my school and also i held a great rank in my District. In 9th I held 92% Percentage only and in 10th i held 96% Almost. 

But when i am going from my 9th Standard to my 10th Standard the Covid-19 Disease is spread in all over the world. The schools are getting closed for more than 1 and half years. That time was my worst time ever i say. Because in Lockdown i get Lazy and i never studied i clearly say that. 

As compared to my performance in 8th And 9th Standard i have done nothing in my 10th. I know every student like me done same mistake at that time. But because of online exams, i scored 96%, Now also i think at that time i can score more then 96 if the covid-19 is not Spread. 

Now I am in 12th Standard, I enjoyed a Lot like almost all the days of my 9th, 10th and 11th I spent with my Friends and My Family. But now i realize it, I have wasted my more than 2 Years in timepass only. 

My dream is to be an Engineer and for it i want to Study hard. But at this Time Because of Lockdown, I am Facing some Problems to Changing my Life to 8th Standard one. But still i will work hard and i will prove that i am the Best.

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