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Hi, today I am speaking about this place “Pripyat“. This city was located in Cherbonyl, Are you know about the carbonyl disaster  ? this is the most famous disaster. It has done because of one scientist. Before this disaster, the peoples living in this city was very happy and enjoying this life very easily. But after this incident, there were no people in the city was present. 

ChernobylChernobylChernobyl Zone

Let me tell you about this disaster, In the afternoon of 27 April 1986 in Pripyat the disaster was done, This is a radioactive disaster because of radioactive rays the peoples who live in this city are getting in touch with cancer. Before the disaster the no. of peoples in this city is 49,360 after the disaster half of them peoples are dead and half of these are a shift from this city. 

how to visit Chernobyl

Now also when you go there the radioactive rays on the substances are present and no one people is present in this city you can also check through searching on google then you seen the population in this city was 0 this is also one fact

Do you like this information to share it, for giving this knowledge to all people in the world who share it? So many peoples don’t know about it, because they don’t know about the harmful effects of radioactive waves. Because of these waves the person can also get died. 


When we using the mobile, it also has radioactive waves which can also harm our body. This is a really bad thing about technology which we got from it. But to reduce these radioactive waves we can also use some gadgets which are used for it. But technology is developing time by time very fast.

 Because of it, we can say that the storage of 1 percent of radioactive waves can make the death of the 1 crore peoples by radioactive waves possible. Like these radioactive waves, the gas also can damage the life of humans. 

Methane gas
Methane gas is a really dangerous gas. Because of this gas, the whole city was getting destroyed. This city was Bhopal in India. Almost 10 to 15 years ago a small spot of methane gas in one company is acquired because of the in-careless of the workers. Because of that blast so many peoples are in danger today also. Because so many peoples are suffering from cancer in that city. 

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