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In this world, there are three types of people’s 1. They believe in ghosts, 2. They don’t believe in ghosts, 3. They are confused. Don’t take a tension I will never use pictures of ghosts for making fear of it on this site. I will explain this concept in the scientific method, which will give you a clear view of Ghost.

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About ghost, there are so many pages available on google, but who never tell you about the ghost in a scientific language I tried to explain you it in scientific language. I hope I will teach you properly.

What Do We Really Know About the Universe?

According to a 2009 study by the Pew Research Center, 18% of Americans say they have seen a ghost.’ on Wikipedia, this is mentioned and this is right. This research tells us the ghost exits, But there is no proof like video audio or pictures which tell us the ghost is real. There is not any proof mentioned in science that tells us ghosts existBut I don’t say the ghost is not present on our earth. Let’s talk in scientific language.

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1.Everything in this world is made by some matter and the matter has made by atom, therefore everything on our earth have an atom, When we go the last step of everything from ‘which material this is made then we find ‘atom‘. This atom has two parts which called ‘proton and neutron‘ ok let’s think that ‘the ghost is only the reaction which made by this atom‘ this is right because science proved that everything has an atom this is my first point.

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2.You are listened from your grand- parent’s ‘the dogs are start shouting when it sees ghosts ‘.This will be right or wrong it doesn’t matter. Because we don’t know what dogs see ? and when dogs are reacting?

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3.I think the ghost is our mind’s only one confusion. This depends upon your condition like when you hear the sound of closing or opening of the door. When you are alone in your house then your mind tells you that ‘you are alone and the ghost was watching you’  and then your mind makes trap and you get lost in this trap. You were thinking a ghost is watching you. But this is only your mind’s confusion.

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So friends don’t think more about this topic ‘The ghost is real or not ‘, because this topic was endless. Do you want to believe then believe in the only god for faith only,’ they will secure you ‘ mind this sentence for faith on god and the ghost is only our mind’s one confusion.

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Thank you friends stay aware, stay safe!

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