Are God Exist In Real Life ???

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There are 7 billion people’s are surviving on the earth, And from one survey the 66.45 % peoples believe on God and other are confused, because who never seen the god. One of the men leaving on the earth is never seen the god it is truth, but after it, every person has there owned god of his belonging family. There are 33 million gods of  Hinduism in number it will become 3,30,00,000 gods For 130,00,00,000 people in India. 

God is the belief of the person, which is he has the safety guard in the presence of God to help him from the difficulties which he faced. He gets the ability to solve the difficulties which he faced. This is very great. The person does not have the ability to complete the work, that person because of this believes complete work very easily. I think God is real for this. God is present in every man we want to find it only. 

History is real but we don’t know it is 100 percent real or not 50 percent. Because when the first man tells a story to the second man and then the third one, The first one told story is the correct story third one doesn’t know 100 percent real story. Therefore we don’t know the God is real or not. But God is real for our belief. The belief makes a profit for anyone, which is really great for all. And in every people have a god we want to see it.


In so many old books have written the god is real and, when any bad person does bad work the god will come and solve the work and punish the bad-man for that bad work. There are so many stories, sorry we can’t say stories to it because who doesn’t know it is true or not, There are so many sources present in the world which tell us The God is present, And he watching us. Like The grate Shreemad Bhagvatgeeta, Ramayan, etc. in Hinduism, In Krishna religion have a bible. And other religions have other books. 

Who is Lord Ram? Lord ram’s real name is Ramachandra. He born in Ayodhya , Kosala. It is today in Uttar-Pradesh. He is the roop in Sanskrit of Lord Vishnu. Proof of this is written in Ramayan and Bhagwat Geeta. 

Lord Krishna was born in Vrindavan. He is the world-famous God, who is famous for his romance and cute naughtiness. Bhagvatgeeta is also talked about by our Lord Krishna. He is also a roop of Vishnu.

Lord Ganpati was born in the Himalayas. He is the first God. When a man starts his work he takes the name of Ganesha then he starts his work.

In every people’s heart have at least 1 God who stops us to do bad work. Who tells us to do hard work and then don’t take tension for food. Automatically the food for your work is given to you at right time. So whatever you are not matter’s, what you do that matters. Help needy, Do best!

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