Boat xtend smartwatch review with pros and cons table

Boat nirvana has recently launched their “boat xtend Smartwatch“. More than 80,000 customers of this Smartwatch have given 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And the look of the boat xtend smartwatch is also very cool. 

Today The trendy world of smartwatches is increasing day by day. So many youths are using smartwatches as a fashion. And because of it, the Smartwatch market is also increasing. Today there are some smartwatches that also have the feature of calling also. 

Boat xtend smartwatch review

Boat, you know the no.1 headset company in India. In the headset market with boats in competition, there is no one else. Because boAt always knows what the customer wants most. So now the boat is in the smartwatch market also. Before xtend there are some smartwatches of boats launched but this is different. They have given all possible features in only 2,699Rs.

Boat xtend Review Content table
1. Watch faces
2. Design, build & comfort
3. Display
4. Features and Ul
5. Battery
6. Alexa
7. Buy now

 In box content

  • Boat xtend smartwatch
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Manual 
  • Warranty card

Design, build & comfort

When we think to buy a smartwatch first thing that comes to our mind is comfort and the quality of the smartwatch. The boat xtend is made by boat company, and because of it, you can understand how it looks and how much it is comfortable. 

But in color I personally don’t liked the golden color smartwatch, it looks very dull. So I suggest you to go with the black color which will be the best option. And black always soots with every color of clothes. In build, the leather of the smartwatch is much good. 

And the screen is also very much strong. You can easily use this smartwatch for two years. In comfort, the quality of the leather of the smartwatch is good and because of to wear it we get much more comfortable. 

Boat Xtend Review


The display of the boat xtend smartwatch is 1.69 inches and it is an HD display. Which looks very significant when we use it. And the look of the smartwatch is just amazing when you wear it. The apps of the smartwatch open in one-touch mean the quality of the screen is good. 

Boat xtend smartwatch review

Features and UI

Boat xtend has so many great features, which we can use in our daily life. It has real-time health monitoring, which means it the spo2 tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep monitoring comes. And one more feature is meditated guide, which guides you to do meditation. Boat xtend has good Bluetooth quality support. 

In this smartwatch, you will get 14 different sports modes. And it can also monitor your stress. The boat xtend has 5 ATM dust, sweat, and water-resistant. And it also has an automatic brightness feature, which changes your brightness with surroundings. Boat xtend also has a notification alert feature also with curated controls. And it also supports music control also.

Boat xtend smartwatch review

You are getting 100+ watch faces in boat xtend. And more features you will get in boAt xtend. In our opinion, this is the perfect combination smartwatch which has a good battery, good display, and great features. boAt always provides a 1-year warranty card with its every product. So don’t take any tension if you get a bad product replace it with another one. 


The battery of boat xtend is of mAh which gives a 7-day battery life in one-time charge of 2-3 hours. For every smartwatch, the battery and display is very important, which we can say in good condition in boat xtend. The battery of xtend is of lithium cell composition. 

Boat xtend smartwatch review

Alexa (Voice assistant)

Boat xtend also has a voice assistant feature and in it has the support of Alexa. You can search anything or order anything to Alexa and convert it by your xtend only. Today there are only some smartwatches in the market which provide Alexa support. Because of this feature, the watch becomes a perfect watch. 

You can also play music on mobile by commanding Alexa “play music” on your smartwatch. Or anything you want you can do it through it. 

Watch faces 

Boat xtend has more than 100 cool HD watch faces. The watch face is also very important for the smartwatch, it looks cool when the watch face is good. So the boat is providing more than 100 good watch faces with xtend smartwatch, which you love select it. 

When we use cool watch faces the smartwatch also looks very cool and high-tech. So the best watch faces are also important for smartwatches. It likes the wallpaper of your mobile. 

Watch Price 

Boat xtend is the best smartwatch for people who want a smartwatch for fitness and daily use. It’s today offer price is only 2,699Rs. Its original price is 7,699Rs. But today it is in offer time. So enjoy the discount and buy it now. 

As compared to other smartwatches and their brands the price of boAt xtend is much less and it is value for money also. Means overall it is worth it. 

Boat wave app

To use the boat xtend smartwatch fully the boat has given their app also on google play store. Boat wave app just searches on google play store and downloads it. It will make it easy to you to use the watch properly. From your phone, you can easily use the watch and make some changes, to which you like in it. 

Boat xtend review, pros and cons table

Pros Cons
  • 7 days battery🔋 life
  • Golden color does not look good (Use black)
  • 100 plus watch faces
  • Magnetic 🧲 USB charging support 
Our Rating = 3/5
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
  • 14 sport modes
  • 1.69 inches large lcd display
  • 24 hrs. heart rate monitor
Buy Now
  • Blood Spo 2 monitoring, meditate guide, sleep monitoring

Boat xtend smartwatch review

Overall review

Today there are so many popular brands in smartwatch making business. But the boat is different. After reviewing and rating of 80,000 peoples, we believe the boat xtend is the perfect smartwatch for youths and all people. If you want the smartwatch for daily use and for fitness then it is the best choice for you. 

If you like this smartwatch, click on buy now and get this watch at 1,799Rs. And if you want different options to buy best smartwatch under 2000Rs. Click on the link. In this boat xtend smartwatch review, we have given your all the specifications details of boat xtend and review for it. 

For design, quality of watch, and metal we give 5 out of 5. And for the performance of the watch, we say it is the best smartwatch under 3000Rs. There is 1-year warranty card also with the watch and because of it you can buy this watch. 

If you get any damage you can replace it. The boat products are very strong in quality and because of it the products of the boat do not get damaged easily. So the quality of the product is best. 

boAt xtend smartwatch vs noise colorfit pulse

Noise colorfit pro Max V/s boAt Xtend Smartwatch 
  • 7 days battery🔋 life
  • 7 days battery life🔋
  • 150 plus watch faces
  • 100 watch faces
  • 30 days standby battery  support 
  • Same
  • 100 sport modes
  • 14 sports mode
  • 24 hrs. heart rate monitor
  • Same

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