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Cars cartoon movie series is the most famous, favorable and watched my child’s, young and old people’s. These cartoon series have today 3 to 5 parts. In this cartoon movies have some cars, they are living like life. They are enjoying and working hard in their life. Every movie has one hero and one heroine in this cartoon series of cars have the same. Because of it, we can understand the difficulties of cars. McQueen is the hero of this movie. This cartoon movie story is dedicated to racing cars. This movie is made by Disney Pixar animation. And this movie is full of racing cars. Lightning McQueen is the most popular racer. The success which he has for it he worked hard and most of the time he practiced for racing. With the help of old popular racers, he won the race and won hearts of all cars at age in which all cars are retired. Is in part 3 shown in the movie. Because of its racing theme, people have loved this cartoon movie series. Lots of fun and a mixture of suspense and speed is in this movie.

Chota bheem 

Chota bheemChota bheem

Chota bheem cartoon movies are also the most popular movies in children. This movie is full of suspense and fight. There are almost 10 to 15 movies are of this series. Of these, the movie of Krishna and bheem is loved by most of the fans of Chota. Chota bheem is a cartoon in this cartoon the bheem is hero and heroin’s are chutki named girl and one prince’s name is Indumati. This cartoon is made from the character in Mahabharat. Because of it, the Chota bheem is very strong and very intelligent than other same-age children. He loves to eat laddu which is one sweet of Indian culture. When this cartoon is loved by most people’s the team of Chota bheem decided to make a movie. One survey found there is 80 percent of children are known and loved Chota bheem cartoon very much. 



Shinchan is also a very famous cartoon. This cartoon is made by a Japanese person. First, this cartoon is not directly published on tv. It was published by coming in comic books. When it comes to comic books the writer noticed the many people get loving these comics. Because of this, this cartoon gets shown on international television. This cartoon has one hero character named Shinhan. He is a 5 years small boy who enjoys his life with his popular smile. This show has So many laughing scenes which give us a nice smile. Because of the popularity of this show, the movies on it are getting made. After enjoying the episodes the movie has come. Shinchan cartoon is very best like its episodes. It’s are also gives a very great smile on the face of children.


When we are talking about cartoon movies than most of the time we are taken the name of the doremon show. Which is a very famous, laughing cartoon show. In this show, one boy named nobita is dumb, and for making his future bright the demon who comes from the future from 21s21stntury. Who has So many gadgets for helping nobita in a different solution? The small children and sometimes the old people of almost 40 years have also loved this cartoon. In real life, the demon is the only one to think of a nobita named child. Because of nobita have one phobia. In the last of these shows doremon is gone switch off because of any reason. But this happens in doremon’s mind this made by doremon for making nobita a grate man and intelligent he does it. Its cartoon movies are also similar in laughter in suspense and in magic with its episodes. But 5 minutes episode is not good choice than a 2 to 3 hours cartoon movie, therefore so many peoples are loved to watch a movie than any episode. 

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