omicron cases in india

Omicron in India LIVE updates| 26 new Omicron cases detected in Maharashtra moment, 12 in Telangana  Omicron cases in India The number of Omicron cases in India rose to 578 on Monday. A number of countries, including Kerala, Uttarakhand, and Delhi, have assessed night curfew to control the spread of the contagion. Meanwhile, the government … Read more

Will Dinosaur’s Ever Come Back ???

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles. Dinosaurs are living at age of the Triassic period between 243 and 233.23 million years ago. Its scientific name is Dinosauria. It is a very big living thing which is present in that century. Almost they are of 121 to 400ft long and with weight 69 ton … Read more


   💥😱 PRIPYAT😱💥 Hi, today I am speaking about this place “Pripyat“. This city was located in Cherbonyl, Are you know about the carbonyl disaster  ? this is the most famous disaster. It has done because of one scientist. Before this disaster, the peoples living in this city was very happy and enjoying this life very easily. But … Read more


    😱Area 51😱 What is Area 51? Do you know about area 51.??? Area 51 is the most mysterious place in the world. Which is placed in America country. The very close relationship between the government of America and aliens or in this place the government of America is started to research about aliens, their technology, but … Read more

Second moon of Earth?

  Second Moon For The  Earth?😱😱😱😱😱       This is not real news. When real the second moon for the earth is coming then the gravitation force will be destroyed by 50 percent of our scientists have observedved it.  One asteroid is entered in the gravitational circle of the Earth because its grey color is seen as a moon. The earth is … Read more