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 In 2020 Most dangerous disease is covid-19. From a 3-year-old child to the old man know about corona. When we take the name of this disease in every people’s mind come’s only negativity. In February-march month this virus in the first stage in India. After releasing this virus is very dangerous the lockdown is applied all over India. From 14 March the lockdown began’s in India. The first lockdown is almost of 15 days, in this 15 day’s the normal people think this is a normal disease, which is ends in this 15 days, but after this lockdown, the situation is not solved yet therefor the lockdown one more time applied.

Thank you coronavirus helpers

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In this 8 to 9 month of lockdown, there are so many losses are made by this covid-19 disease. In the market, the prices of shares are completely gone ate less. So many products are not sold physically offline. From this lockdown, we have learned so many things like we have to spend the most time with our family members. From past to at present there are almost 1.5 lakh people’s are dead by this virus and in worldwide there are 23 lakh peoples are died. In India, this virus’s situation is normal in present there are almost only 3 lakh positive cases in India. But in the United States, there are 18 lakh covid-19 positive cases are present today. 



This disease is born in china in Wuhan city. There are so many complaints about this virus-like this virus is invented by Chinese scientists. And this is 40 percent right because china win from this disease earlier than other countries. Because of it in November month America’s president Mr. Donald Trump is very angry with china’s prime minister. In this situation, they have fought also, America vs china this war is also trending but this does not happen. 

Coronavirus SymptomsCoronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

In this disease when you have a cuff and some cold or fever, there are 90 percent chances which you will be covid-19 positive. Below 35 age people are having fewer chances of covid-19 positive. Because for defeat this disease immunity of the people’s are most important. Old people have less immunity because of it they will suffer out from this disease. Because of this disease we have learned so much more. We have suffered most time with our family and enjoyed it very well. We know the value of Time by this disease. 

Thank you, coronavirus helpers

In this pandemic situation, the greatest person is come to help the needy peoples. Because of these peoples, the needy peoples got a new life. There are so many doctors, who never go home for rest in this coronavirus period for people’s good health.

 And with doctors, there are so many police officers and army men who are also come for our safety. This is a really big and great thing is done by them. With these doctors and police officers, there are so many social workers are also come to help the needy peoples and make a clean city for the protection of bacteria. 

Today the vaccine is invented but the covid-19 is present, therefore take care Be aware! Stay safe! 

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