Create website using Html5

Creation of website using HTMLS Create a website using HTML5 and CSS using any 4 CSS properties. Write

Index, html and second page as page2.html. Use any theme such as college profile or company profile etc. Every page must contain proper Meta, information and design web page as follows- 

1) The index page must contain a heading which is highest among other text on pages and must be at centre of the page. There must be a paragraph which introduces general information about the theme chosen. It must have at least 3 physical style tags and one image with alternate text. This page must be connected to other page with proper navigational

2) The 2 page must contain the feedback or enrolment form related with theme chosen with features of HTML5. The form must contain text element and email address of the company or person. Include the submit button.

Here is Html Code:- 

<!DOCTYPE html>



    <title>Website Title</title>




      <h1>Website Heading</h1>



          <li><a href=”#”>Home</a></li>

          <li><a href=”#”>About</a></li>

          <li><a href=”#”>Contact</a></li>






        <h2>Section Heading</h2>

        <p>Section content goes here.</p>



        <h2>Another Section Heading</h2>

        <p>More content here.</p>




      <p>Copyright © 2023</p>




<!DOCTYPE html>: This declares that the website is using HTML5.

<html>: This is the root element of the HTML document.

<head>: This contains meta information about the website, such as the title and links to CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files.

<title>: This sets the title of the website that appears in the browser’s title bar.

<body>: This contains all the visible content of the website.

<header>: This contains the main heading and navigation links for the website.

<h1>: This is a heading tag that indicates the main heading of the website.

<nav>: This contains a list of navigation links.

<ul>: This creates an unordered list of items.

<li>: This creates a list item.

<a>: This creates a hyperlink.

<main>: This contains the main content of the website.

<section>: This divides the main content into sections.

<h2>: This is a heading tag that indicates the heading of a section.

<p>: This creates a paragraph of text.

<footer>: This contains copyright and other legal information.

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