Diksha Sharma (Rimorav Vlogs) Age, Height, Family & More

Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) Age, Height, Family & More

Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) is a Very Popular Social Media Star, She is a Youtuber. She is Popular By name of Baby Queen. She has got 1 Million Subscribers Cross in only 6 Months. Diksha Sharma is the Sister of Indian Actor Rishi Dev. Rishi Dev has worked in so Many Popular Indian Television shows. 

Diksha Sharma Uploads New Interesting Videos with her 2 Brothers on her and her Brothers Channel Rimorav Vlogs. It has so much Following on Instagram Also. And Because of Diksha’s Comedy and Funny Reactions The fans Love Diksha Most. In only 22 Years Diksha has so much Networth. 

Diksha Sharma is a popular Indian YouTuber known for her entertaining and informative videos on various topics. Born in New Delhi, she started her YouTube journey in 2018 and has since amassed a large following.

Diksha Sharma’s YouTube channel, “Diksha Sharma,” covers a wide range of topics, including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Her videos are informative, well-researched, and presented in a friendly and engaging manner, making them popular among viewers of all ages.

One of Diksha’s most popular video series is her “College Diaries,” in which she shares her experiences and tips on college life. She also creates content on beauty and makeup, sharing her favorite products and tutorials on different looks. Her travel vlogs offer a glimpse into her adventures, which she shares with her audience.

Diksha Sharma’s success on YouTube has also led to collaborations with various brands, where she promotes their products on her channel. Her engaging personality, relatable content, and informative videos have made her a sought-after influencer.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Diksha is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram, where she has over 1.5 million followers. She often shares her daily life and behind-the-scenes moments with her fans, giving them a glimpse into her life beyond YouTube.

Overall, Diksha Sharma is a rising star in the Indian YouTube community, who has gained popularity due to her informative and engaging videos. With her relatable content and friendly personality, she is sure to continue inspiring and entertaining her viewers in the years to come.


Diksha Sharma (Ri Vlogs) Biography In Short

Name Diksha Sharma
Full Name/Real Name Diksha Rajesh Sharma
Knwon As Baby Queen
Profession Youtuber, Actress & Model
Birth Date 19th February
Birth Year 2000
Nationality Indian
Height 162 cm
Weight 52 Kg
Birth Place Jalandhar, Punjab
Age in 2023 23 Years
Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) Age

Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) Age

Diksha Sharma was born on 19th February 2000 in Jalandhar, Punjab. And Now in 2022, her age is 22. Diksha Sharma has started to work in Rimorav Vlogs at age of only 18 and in Acting, she has started to work at age of only 15 years. 

Diksha Sharma (Rimorav vlogs) Husband/Boyfriend 

Diksha Sharma is 22 years old and now she is not married yet. She always says she wants do her career first then she will go for marriage. 

On social media, Diksha Sharma has not announced she has a boyfriend. But in some videos of Rimorav Vlogs her Brothers are giving some hints about her boyfriend. 


Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) Family

Diksha Sharma(Rimorav Vlogs) Family

In Diksha Sharma’s Family, there are 4 Members. Her Father, Mother, 2 brothers, and 1 Sister. Her Father’s Name is Rajesh Sharma. Diksha Sharma’s Mother’s Name is not Updated by Diksha yet. Her Brother’s Name is Rishi Dev and Sanjay, And her Sister’s Name is Muskan Sharma. Muskan Sharma is Elder than Diksha. 

Diksha Sharma Family
Father Rajesh Sharma
Mother Not Known
Sister Muskan Sharma
Brothers  Rishi Dev And Sanjay


Diksha Sharma Youtube Account

Diksha Sharma Youtube Account

Diksha Sharma is a Very Famous Indian Youtuber, her Youtuber Name is BabyQueen. Baby Queen has 1.3 Million Subscribers, and 15 Amazing Videos are uploaded. 

Diksha Sharma (Babyqueen) has uploaded her First Video on 2nd October 2020. Her First Video is one video song by Diksha Sharma. After Getting some Popularity Diksha Started to post Videos Regularly. 

In Rimorav Vlog’s Group, all members have their own Personal Youtube Account with Rimorav Vlog’s Account. Now Baby Queen Got so Much Fame. 


Diksha Sharma Height

Diksha Sharma Height

Diksha Sharma is a very Fit and very Beautiful Youtuber, her height is 162 cm means 5 Feet and 4 Inches. Diksha has so much fame on her social media Platforms. She doesn’t follow a very strict diet, But she does yoga and some workouts. 

Diksha Sharma Social Media Popularity
Youtube Channel’s Name Baby Queen
Subscribers 1.3 M
Instagram Account Name Baby Queen
Instagram Id @dikshuuu
Followers 505 K
Diksha Sharma Instagram

Diksha Sharma Instagram

Diksha Sharma’s Instagram Account name is also named Baby Queen by Diksha. She shares her Lifestyle and Beautiful Pictures With her Fans. Diksha (BabyQueen) Has 516K Followers On her Instagram Account, which Means 5 Lakh 16 Thousand Peoples Follow Diksha Sharma on Instagram. 

Diksha Sharma Has Posted a total of 176 Posts today on her Instagram account. Diksha Sharma (BabyQueen)’s Instagram Id Is @dikshuuu.


Diksha Sharma RIMORAV vlogs movie name

Diksha Sharma is a popular Indian YouTuber who is best known for being a part of the YouTube channel “RIMORAV Vlogs” alongside her brothers Rishi and Mohena. The channel was launched in 2017 and has amassed over 10 million subscribers since then.

Apart from creating vlogs, Diksha Sharma has also made her debut in the Indian film industry with the movie “Ram Rajya” in 2020. The movie was directed by Nitesh Rai and produced by Prabir Sinha. It featured Diksha Sharma in the lead role alongside Shobhit Attray and Salman Sheikh.

Despite being new to the film industry, Diksha Sharma’s performance in “Ram Rajya” was appreciated by audiences and critics alike. Her fans are eagerly waiting to see what she does next both on the big screen and on her YouTube channel.


Diksha Sharma Star

Yes, Friends On Diksha Sharma There is 1 Star Registrated in Universe. Recently For her Birthday Gift, her Brothers Rishi Dev and Sanjay have Gifted her name on 1 Star of Universe. You Can also see it by Searching Disksha Sharma Star. 

She has Enjoyed it so much, Now You can also do it. Comment us to know its Procedure. And be with us for more Information.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Diksha Sharma (Ri Vlogs)

How tall is Diksha Sharma from Rimorav vlogs?

Diksha Sharma (Rimorav Vlogs) is 162 cm Tall means she is 5 Feet and 4 Inches tall. 

Is Diksha Rishi real sister?

Yes, Diksha Sharam (Ri Vlogs) is the Real Sister of Rishi Dev. 
Is Diksha Sharma is a model?
Diksha Sharam (Rimorav Vlogs) is a very Famous Indian Youtuber and Model also. She is especially known as Baby Queen
Who is elder Sanjay or Diksha?
Sanjay is elder than Diksha in their Family. Rishi Dev is Elder than Sanjay and Diksha also. 
What is Diksha Sharma real name?
Diksha Sharma is only the Real Name of Actress Diksha Sharma from Rimorav Vlogs. 
How much did Diksha Sharma earn?
Diksha Sharma has 1.6 Million Subscribers on her Youtube Channel, She earns 5-6 Lakh/Month from Rimorav Vlogs and Her Channel. 
How old is diksha from Rimorav vlogs?
Now, in year 2022 Diksha Sharma is 22 years old. She was born on 19th February 2022.
What is the age of Diksha Sharma in 2022?
Diksha Sharma’s age in year 2022 is 22 years.
Is Diksha Sharma Rishi sister alive?
Diksha Sharma is a cousin sister of Rishidev and Sanjay from Rimorav vlogs. They together shoot videos for Rimorav vlogs. 
Who is RiMoRav vlogs owner?
By the Wikipedia, the owner of Rimorav YouTube channel is Rishi dev. 
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