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What is Area 51?

What is Area 51?

Do you know about area 51.??? Area 51 is the most mysterious place in the world. Which is placed in America country. The very close relationship between the government of America and aliens or in this place the government of America is started to research about alienstheir technology, but why the government of America is not told about area 51.??? 


Where is Area 51?Where is Area 51?

Where is Area 51? 

Very high-level security is placed near area 51. There are so many peoples says that they have seen the UFO’s near the area 51. Under ‘25 km distance from the gate of the place ‘ when any normal people come then the warning is given to that person or the person will gate arrested by the soldiers. 

when any normal people come front of the gate of entry of area 51’s then the soldiers have permissions to kill the people and it happens many times? . So many peoples died?. But the government of America does not speak on it. Why? we don’t know. But there are so many reasons, which say that the aliens are real and they are living on the Earth.  

Area 51 secrets
Area 51 secrets 

He is a scientist who worked in area 51. When he was in the last period of his life, he told about area 51 to the simple peoples. why at the last period of his life? because he will not present in the future after his talk about area 51. Because of his smartness peoples get to know about area 51 and the secret behind area 51. 

 He told many secrets about area 51, he shows many photos of aliens which are seen as real. he told’s that in area 51 ‘they research aliens and their technology in area 51, they have been doing reverse engineering of theirs UFOs. He has shown so many pictures of it.

One lady who told that she will tell about area 51 when she will become the president of America. Her name was Mrs. Hillary Clinton. But she loses and Mr. Donnalad trump wins and he becomes the president of South America.

From all of this, our mind tells us to believe in it, and it will be also real or not. When the right time comes for the government of America they will tell us clearly. In future we can say that we will meet the aliens and we can also travel to their planet. be aware and be safe! Thank you for watching.

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