EWS Certificate Online 2023, EWS Certificate Maharashtra

In this article, we are going to provide all Information and details about the EWS certificate Maharashtra online apply. And Also, we will discuss about Ews certificate documents, Ews certificate eligibility etc. In this article. If you want more information about it, or if you have any queries about it message us.

EWS Certificate Online

EWS Certificate means the Economically weaker Section Certificate, It is provided to people whose family income is less than 8 lakh rupees. For OBC and other caste peoples, this certificate is not applicable. This is only for General caste people. Other castes like OBC, SC, and ST have benefits in taking further admissions for higher education. They have benefits and support from the government. They have their quota of respective caste.

So for general Caste people, there is only one quota means general quota, If the people belong to the general caste and their family income is less tha in 8 Lakh Rupees, Then that person can apply for EWS Certificate Online and that person will get a 10% quota reservation from the government in higher education. And that person’s education fees will also very less means 50% less than general fees.

You can get your EWS Certificate Online with the help of Your nearest setu kendra, visit once and submit the documents which we will provide you below and you will get your EWS certificate in the next 7 to 30 days. It is much similar to Income Certificate, But it will give you some benefits, the income certificate will also provide benefits but not much as EWS Certificate.

What is EWS certificate?

Every General Person doesn’t know about the EWS Certificate, So they get misled and they don’t get the benefit. So EWS Certificate means the Economical Weaker Section certificate, which will be provided to the people who belong to caste general and whose family income is less than 8 lakh rupees. You can get the EWS certificate Online, You can check its status online also.

If you want to apply for EWS Certificate or if you have a query on how to apply for ews certificate just read the article carefully and you will get an idea of how to apply and what is ews certificate. If you have any queries comment us we will also solve the issues as we get time.

General EWS Certificate Online (Overview)

CertificateEWS Certificate
Reservation Quota10%
Full FormEconomical Weaker Section
EligilibityFamily Income must be less than 8 lakh Rupees
Application ModeOnline/Offline
Benefits50% off in Education fess and 10% Reserve quota
Who Can apply?Only General Caste peoples
Validity DurationWho Can Apply?
Online PortalDifferent for Each State
Official Websiteserivices.india.gov.in

Ews Certificate Documents

Below we have given the Documents required for EWS Certificate Online, Just visit your nearest Government Setu Kendra, and Submit all the Documents in proper format and you will get your EWS Certificate.

  • Passport Size 2 photos
  • Identity Proof (Pan card, Voter ID/Election card, etc.)
  • Aadhar Card ( For Identity) Of the applicant
  • Aadhar Card ( For Identity) Of the applicant’s Father
  • Land documents mean 7/12 Utara
  • Self Declaration Form from Government
  • Caste Certificate(If have)
  • Address Proof (Light bill)
  • Domicile / Nationality Proof

How to Apply for EWS Certificate Online?

To apply for EWS Certificate online just follow the following steps, If you have any query related it please comment we will try to give an answer to your comment.

  1. Visit the official website of your state or union territory government. Look for the dedicated portal or department handling online certificate services.
  2. Locate the section specifically designed for EWS certificates or reservation category certificates. It might be labeled under “Online Services” or “Certificates.”
  3. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and instructions provided on the website. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and gather all the required documents for the application process.
  4. Create an account on the portal if necessary. This typically involves providing basic details, creating a unique username and password, and verifying your account.
  5. Access the online application form for the EWS certificate. Carefully fill in all the necessary details, including your personal information and income-related particulars. Double-check the accuracy of the information entered.
  6. Upload the specified documents as per the guidelines provided. These documents generally include proof of income, identification proof, address proof, and any other supporting documents mentioned.
  7. Thoroughly review the entered information and uploaded documents to ensure their correctness and completeness.
  8. Make the required payment, if applicable. The fee amount may vary depending on your state or union territory’s regulations.
  9. Submit the completed application online. You will receive an acknowledgment or reference number, which you should note down for future reference.
  10. Keep track of your application status by utilizing the online tracking facility provided on the portal.
  11. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive the EWS certificate either digitally or through a specified mode of delivery as per the procedures of your state or union territory.
  12. You will get your EWS Certificate in 5 to 10 days after submission of the form.

EWS Certificate Maharashtra

Every state has a different portal for EWS certificate applications. Maharashtra state also has a different portal for the application for EWS Certificate and to check EWS Certificate Online Status. If you have queries like how to renew ews certificate online Maharashtra or How to apply for EWS Certificate in maharashtra, Read the full article you will get the answer.

Ews Certificate Maharashtra Online Apply

You can apply for EWS (Economical Weaker Section) Online Also. In Maharashtra to apply for it there is another portal, If you have a problem applying online you can also visit the nearest government setu Kendra. If you want to apply for an Ews certificate online follow the following steps carefully.

  1. Begin by visiting the official website of the Maharashtra government or the dedicated Aaple Sarkar portal specifically designed for online services and certificates.
  2. Locate the relevant section within the website that pertains to EWS certificates or reservation category certificates.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the comprehensive guidelines, instructions, and eligibility criteria outlined for obtaining an EWS certificate in Maharashtra.
  4. If required, create a personal account on the portal by providing accurate details and generating a unique username and password.
  5. Access the online application form specifically designed for EWS certificates. Fill in the necessary information with utmost precision, ensuring that all the fields are accurately completed.
  6. Attach the supporting documents stipulated by the guidelines. These typically include income proof, identity proof, address proof, and any other documents specifically mentioned.
  7. Carefully review all the entered information and uploaded documents to guarantee their accuracy and completeness.
  8. Proceed to make the payment of any applicable fees, if specified by the Maharashtra government, utilizing the provided online payment methods.
  9. Once you have reviewed all the entered details, submitted the application, and successfully made the payment, you will receive an acknowledgment or reference number for future reference.
  10. It is advisable to regularly check the status of your application by utilizing the online tracking facility offered on the portal. This will enable you to stay updated on the progress of your EWS certificate application.
  11. Upon successful processing and approval of your application, you will receive the EWS certificate digitally through the online portal or via a designated mode of delivery as determined by the Maharashtra government.

Eligibility criteria for EWS Certificate 2023

Category/CastseOnly General Category/Caste student can apply for this EWS Certificate. Other caste like OBC/SC/ST/Nt don’t allow to apply for EWS Certificate because they have their Reservation quota.
Family IncomeThe Applicant’s Family income is must be less than 8 lakh rupees.
Agricultural LandThe applicant must have the land less than of 5 Acress, If Applicant has Agricultural land more than 5 Acres the applicant is not allowed to Apply for EWS Certificate.
DocumentsThe EWS Certificate Applicant must have all the required documents to apply for the certificate.

Benefits Of EWS Certificate

There are so many Benefites of EWS Certificate you will get. If you are belong to Genral Category it is the best plan for you to get the benefits from government. You will get following things with this Certificate. If there are suppose three students, from them 2 are genral only and 1 is general with EWS Certificate. Then the third one will get Admission in Any College first and that one will get 50% reduction in his college tution fees.

  • 10% Reservation Quota for Higher Education
  • 50% Fees Reduction
  • You can use the certificate to get Government jobs
  • You will get the Best Scheme

Can UPSC Candidates Take Advantage Of EWS Reservations?

Yes, UPSC Candidates can take Advantages of EWS Certificate Reservation, It has 10% Reservation quota. From which you can get Government Jobs Much Faster than normal General Category.

EWS Vs Central EWS Difference

There is no difference between EWS Certificate and Central EWS Certificate. Every State has different portal for applying EWS Certificate. They can apply by their State. The main thing is that your family income is must be less than 8 lakh rupees and you must be An Indian Citizen. That is you want to apply for an EWS Certificate.

Validity Of EWS Certificate

EWS Certificate’s Validity is of Only 1 year. In which year you can apply or get the EWS Certificate that only one year you can use the certificate. You can do so many things with this certificate. You can use it for taking government jobs online. The Validity means the Certificate can be applicable till what time.

EWS Application Fee

Application fee for EWS Certificate opening is vary in each states of India. Because the Certifacate is created by the Government only. Below we have given you the basic means particular fee for opening the EWS Certificate Online.

Fee For AP EWS Certificate:

  • The application fee is a total Rs.10/-
  • Application and EWS certificate charge total Rs. 35/-

EWS Certificate Format Pdf

You can check the format of EWS Certificate by the PDF given below, To download it click on the button.


Candidates following under EWS will get extra benefit?

Yes, You will get so much extra benefits if you have the EWS certificate as compared to normal Genrral Person. You will get 10% Reservation quota from which you can take admission fast in any government college. You will get 50% Off In education fees. And you will also get some Government Scholerships. The merit of Genral and Ews Genral students is much closer. But the Ews will get more benefits.

How much agriculture land must be owned to get the EWS certificate?

The EWS Certificate applicant must have less than 5 Acre Agriculture Land, If the applicant has more than 5 acres then the application will be rejected.

Who will get the EWS Certificate?

The Person who belongs to general category/caste can only get EWS Certificate if it has income less than 8 Lakh rupees. EWS Full form is Economical Weaker Certificate.

How much income required for EWS certificate?

The income of EWS Certificate Applicant is must less than 8 Lakh INR. Rupees.

What is EWS Quota in NEET?

There is 10% Reservation in NEET For EWS Students, Means the Student who has EWS Certificate they have 10% Reservation for NEET Seats.

Who belongs to EWS category?

The General Category person whoes family income is less than 8 lakh rupees and that person have EWS Certificate. That person Belongs to the EWS Category.

Is there 10 percent reservation for EWS?

Yes, there is 10% Reservation for EWS Certificate students in higher education.

Is EWS applicable for OBC category?

No, EWS Certificate is not applicable for OBC category peoples. Because it is totally created or made for general category peoples. For OBC category people there is different reservation system. So it is not for the OBC category people.

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