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What is Fampay?

What is Fampay?

Fampay is a very useful app for teenagers to pay online or to store money online. Today the whole world is running on the online platform. Because of it, online payment is also a very important factor. There are now so offers you will get with fampay. Because it is in now in competition with Google pay and phone pe. And you can imagine that what type of success it achieved. So you can trust it. 

Therefore the founder of Fampay has invented fampay. The only app for teenagers to pay or receive payment online. Fampay is now very developed and giving there 💯 for their customers. Fampay is working with now visa and rupay also and with idfc bank also. Because of it is now doing very great job in fintech industry. 

In India, there are so many teenagers left in the hostel or in any pg for studies. For them, the Fampay is very grateful. The fampay is very useful for users and inventors also. At start period of Fampay, it is not very developed company and it is not provided good services because of least number of workers. 

Now it has so much developed and it has total almost 5000 workers in their team. A startup started by only 3 peoples, but now it is giving jobs to 5000 peoples almost. To get motivation like this or ideas for startups then visit our site you will get all entertainment from us. 
What is Fampay Card?
Fampay gives a free Upi Id and a Visa Platinum Card to their Customers. Because of it today it has 1 Crore Plus User. And now in this Technical time, online transaction is used so much. 
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The Fampay Card is almost similar to Normal Cards. You can also use this Card physically by ordering this card. Today if your fampay UPI id is in not working condition then you can also work with their cards. Fampay giving you now 2 types of cards for free. 
1. Visa platinum card and 2. Rupay debit card these cards you will get from fampay for free. The amount balance which you have in your wallet you can transfer them through these cards. So there is nothing tension with fampay to do any payment. Now it is in competition with Google pay and phone pe because of its amazing features. 
FamPay Referral Code
FamPay Referral Code
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To Get Your QR Code or UPI Id Click on First Button (QR Code and Upi Id). And the second Option is for payment Methods. With the Help of this Feature, you can add money to your fampay account. 

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If you want to make payment of anything on Fampay follow the following steps.

1. Open Fampay, after opening fampay a yellowish coloured app you will see the pay button on your screen.

2. Click on the pay button.

3. There are so many options in Fampay with the help of it’s you can pay to anyone. 

Is Fampay Free

You can add money to your Fampay account by scanning this QR code. You can add money with card payment, your payment, or any other payment app to your fampay account.

After adding some money to your fampay account you will also get some free smiles. With the help of these smiles, you can earn more profit up to 2000 rs.

For checking your fampay account details like UPI id, your name or anything follows the following steps.

1. Open your fampay app, this will be in yellowish color. 

2. You will see one smile emoji on the right side of your mobile screen.

3. Click on it, after clicking you will find some options click on the account details named option.

4. After it you will get information about your fampay account. 

You can pay anyone by scanning QR Code also. After Scanning the QR Code you will be able to make payment. The Account opening in Fampay is very Easy. For Account Opening in Fampay Follow the Following Steps.

1. Download Fampay from Playstore, If your phone is Android. 

2. Open Fampay after downloading, Give your Phone number and OTP. 

3. And complete your Kyc Verification by giving your Adhar Card or your Parents Adhar Card’s Details. 

4. After Kyc Verification you are available to make a Payment or Receive Payment with your Fampay Account. 

You get fampay visa platinum card with your fampay account absolutely free. If any problem with payment with a Card you can also use your Upi id to make payment. 

After clicking pay button, you will find three options to pay or add money to your account. To add money to your account click on add money button. You can add money through your card, bank account, and UPI id. 

After opening fampay, you will find your balance on your screen. To scan any QR code click on the left side-scanning button. After this, you will see the option to scan any QR code for payment. 

The transaction is also very fast in Fampay. Because it has created by the iitians. You will do the payment in 2 to 3 minutes. In some cases there is so much time has taken by fampay for payment. 

To Check your profile and other information click on the smile emoji. After clicking the emoji you will find so many options like your UPI id, KYC details and more. Fampay has done so many changes in fampay in last month’s. 

Fampay is Safe or Not

Fampay also gives platinum and premium cards to their customers.  Today they also have visa approval, they give visa platinum cards to their customers. Today in fampay there is so many high-tech technologies are in using. Because of it today it is one of the trusted and well developed app for doing transection. It is also the partner of idfc bank and because of it now there is so much security you are getting with fampay. 

You can make payment with this card by giving card information when you are not working. This visa platinum or any card from fampay you can also order for physical use. To do payments Fampay is the best app. Now the world is now changing and because of it today there are so many options are available to do transections to adult peoples means 18 plus peoples. And for teenagers there is nothing to do payment because of it fampay is providing the system. The total database or main database of fampay is present in mumbai city.

Fampay is loved so much by teenagers. This giving so many offers from the past 2, 3 months. Because of these offers the customers of fampay are also happy. Because it is developing day by day it is now becoming most famous Teenagers payment transaction app. Today it has so much security because of its strong data base. Fampay is a big brand now in fintech and because of it also it can’t take any risk to go down in this market. So you can totally trust on it. 

Fampay is very safe now because it now there are so many fintech companies are joining with fampay. Like visa platinum credit card and rupay credit card with fampay. Now in only 1 single click you can open fampay account it is really totally free. Now with phone pe and Google pe like top brands in Indian fintech companies fampay is also one of the best online payment service providing app in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Fampay
How can I get a free FamPay card?
There are some basic tricks that will give you so much of free money or gifts in fampay. So let’s start with this gift or offer. As part of our referral programs Fampay, Fampay comes up with customized referral offers for teens to get their FamCard worth Rs 500 for free. Log onto the app, to know the referral offer you’ve got! Step 6- Click on” Place Your Order Card”. Use Our Referral Code and Get
Upto 10,000 Rs. Referral Code = MAYU5J3AK.
Can we use FamPay after 18?
Yes, You Can Use Fampay After your 18th Compilation also. But You Need to Verify Your Kyc Details with Family. There is nothing law or anything is not written in fampay law which can stop you to use fampay after 18 so you can use fampay freely after your 18.  

Can 12 year old use FamPay?
Yes, A 12 Year or Below 18-Year-old Child Can Use Fampay Very Easily. The family is Made for Teenagers only. And Means Teenagers The Below 18 Year Old Childs are come. But You want to Verify Your Kyc Details with Fampay Team. 

Can FamPay card be swiped?
Yes, But Physical FamPay Card Only Be Swiped. Not Online Fampay Card will be Swiped. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.

Is FamPay a credit card?
Yes, Fampay Provides you 1 UPI Id and 1 Credit Card For Free For Only Online Use. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.

Can 11 year old use FamPay?
Yes, A 11 Year or Below 18-Year-old Child Can Use Fampay Very Easily. The family is Made for Teenagers only. And Means Teenagers The Below 18 Year Old Childs are come. But You want to Verify Your Kyc Details with Fampay Team. 

Can we use FamPay card in Amazon?
Yes, Fampay Is Can be Used in Any Online or Offline store. By Fampay Card you can do Any Payment on Amazon Easily by Giving Card Details and OTP Verification. Today you can use fampay in every market or shop because it has support of rupay and visa platinum fintech companies. 
Is FamPay approved by Visa?
Yes, Fampay is Approved By Visa and Rupay. It is a First Indian Neobank which is Providing Online Payment Facilities for Teenagers. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK. Now you will also get free visa platinum card from fampay. 

What is FamPay card for?
Fampay Card comes in Two Types 1. Rupay Debit Card = 249 Rs. and 2. Visa Platinum Debit card = 300Rs. (Rs.0 For Our Referral Code Users). Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.
What is FamCoins?
Famcoins is the Type of Some Coins, Which with Help of it we can get some Coupons of Different Brands. With this famcoins now you can also get some brands giftcards. Means it was a Gift For Using Fampay. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK. 
How does FamPay earn?
Fampay Earns by so many Methods, Like 1. From Bank Partnership, 2. From Brands for their Promotions, And 3. From Physical Card. There are now so many partners are working with fampay and with them it is earning money.

Is FamPay card free?
Yes, Fampay Card is free for online Use Only. For Physical Use, you need To Order A Fampay Card. Today there are So many Offers are available on Fampay for Purchasing a Famapay Card. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.

Is FamPay a Neobank?
Yes, Fampay is the First Neobank for Teenagers. It Provides Free UPI Ids And Credit Cards for Teenagers Use. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.

Is FamPay a startup?
Yes, Fampay is a Startup done by Sambhav Jain and Kush Taneja. 

What is the business model of FamPay?
Famapay Works with NPCL To Provide all Payments done by their Customers. So The NPCL will be the Business model of Fampay. 

Who founded FamPay?
Sambhav Jain and Kush Taneja had Founded Fampayin in 2019.

Is FamPay available in India?
Yes, Fampay is very Useful in India for Teenagers who are living outside of their houses. Fampay is can be used all over India. 

What can I do with FAM coins?
You Can Buy Some Coupons from Famcoins, Or After 2000  Famcoins you can get Upto 2000Rs. By Spinning A wheel. For getting 2000 Famcoins or More Use Our Referral Code. Use Referral Code to Earn Money. Our Referral Code= MAYU5J3AK.

Who is the owner of FamPay?
Smabhav Jain and Kush Taneja are the owners of Fampay Fintech Company. 

Who is sambhav Jain?
Sambhav Jain is the Owner of Fampay Company.  

Is FamPay is a government or private?
No, Fampay is not a Government Company, It Is A Private Company owned by Sambhav Jain and Kush Taneja. 

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