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Flags of  Our India

India has a very great history of flags. Flags for every nation or country is started legal compulsory in 1857. From 1857 to 1947 the flags of India were changed in 7 times. And everyone changes it has great reasons And great history.


In 1857 before independence the flag of India is very similar to today’s flag of England. And it has a dark blue color which is the same as in England. And the right side has 1 our today’s navy’s symbol.

                 1906                                                       1907

In 1906 the flag of India from 1857 first time changed, In this flag have 3 parts on the upper side 8 Lotus and in the center, it has the slogan of India in Hindi ‘Vande matram’ and in the last part on the left side have one picture of the moon and on the right side have a picture of the sun. This flag is changed after 1 year because of any other political order. After 1 year means in 1907 it is changed. There is no more difference between this flag and 1906’s flag. In 1907’s flag on upperside 1 star replaced with sun and on 3rd part the place of moon and sun is only changed. And 1906’s flag has a color combination of dark green, yellow, dark red and 1907’s flag has an orange, yellow, and light green color combination.


After 1907’s flag the number comes off 1917’s flag. This flag is very different from 1906’s flag and 1907’s flag, it is similar to 1857’s flag. on it has 7 stars and 1 moon with England’s flag on the left side on the background it has a combination of red and green color.


After all of this, the flag of India is completely changed and much similar with our today’s flag in 1921. In this flag only it has in the center a charkha of our Mahatma Gandhi and it has white, light green, and light red color combination. 


    Before independence            Afteindependence                                           1931                                                  1947                      

10 years later one more time the flag of India is changed in 1931 before our independence it is 70 percent the same with our today’s flag of India. The only difference between this flag and today’s flag of India is the image of the center of the flag. 

In the center of 1931’s flag have the charkha of our Mahatma Gandhi and it has an orange, white, and green color combination. From 1947 our flag was not changed but after 1931’s flag in 1947’s flag, the center image is changed. 

In 1947’s flag we have the Ashoka chakra in the center of our flag which is similarly created by the charkha of our Mahatma Gandhi. Changes are really important for lifecycle, changes make better. And after all changes, our today’s flag was very best. 

#I Love My India #We Love Our India.

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