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Happy Diwali 2022

Happy Diwali wishes

Diwali is a festival of spreading joy and happiness. Today in India there is so much technological development is done, but there is now also a Diwali festival and the parampara of Indian peoples is now also present because of the purity of the festivals of India. 

The festival means the time to come together and have some fun and a great time. Now there are some other countries people are also joining the culture of India. Diwali is the most beautiful and the best festival in India. Diwali is not just a function, it is the one of the great festival in India. 

The one happy Diwali wish which you send to anyone you want is that people will get happy and satisfied. Because in this working life, so many peoples are not supposed to meet offline and get wish of Diwali. So the great choice is the online wishing mode. Which will make the person very much happy. 

I hope the Diwali festival makes your and your family’s day very happy. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. India always leading the whole world towards the best culture in the world. Now also so many foreigners are joining the Diwali festival. 

Happy Diwali Images 

Every year Diwali comes in November and at the end of October month. Almost the Diwali festival is of 7 to 15 days. Now On the different festivals, people are used to sharing the festival’s wishes images with the peoples for wishing them. So now here I am giving some best happy Diwali images you can share with your family and friends. 

With the Happy Diwali wishes and quotes, we are giving so happy Diwali wishes images in Hindi English, and Marathi Languages. To make everyone happy this Diwali shares this article with your every friend and family member. 

Diwali story 

In india almost all religious peoples celebrate diwali, but out of them, some don’t know why it is celebrated. In India, there is a very big cultural heritage and purity. 

The main story of Diwali is that when God ram is gone in canvas means to live in the jungle for more than 20 years the all peoples are very sad and after canvas when he coming back to home the people celebrating it as a lightning a diyas 🪔 and another story is that God ram killed the raven because of it on that day the black night is over because of pure light. 

happy diwali 2022 wishes hindi 

आपको और आपके सब फैमिली मेंबर्स को दिवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये.  शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

मेरी इच्छा है कि यह दीवाली आपको रोशन करे और आपको जीवन में और अधिक खुश और सफल बनाए। शुभ दीवाली। 

दिवाली का मतलब खुशी और खुशियों का त्योहार है। शुभ दीवाली ।

दिवाली एक साथ आने और कुछ समय बिताने के लिए एकदम सही है। शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दिप युही जलते रहे, 

सब खुश रहे, 

पूरी दुनिया झिलमिलाते रहे, 

आप सब मुस्कुराते रहे, शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

मेरी भगवान से यही दुआ है, 

आप सब खुश और मुस्कुराते रहे हमेशा, 

ये दिवाली आपकी बेस्ट दिवाली हो.

शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दिवाली हे दिप और रौशनी का त्यौहार, ये त्यौहार आपके ज़िन्दगी में रौशनी लाये. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

 आपकी हर परेशानी मिट जायेगी, ये दिवाली आपको खूब खुशियां लाएगी, शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दिवाली है दीपों का त्यौहार, मन से निकालेंगे सब दुःख इस दिन, और करेंगे खुशीको प्यार. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

ये दीवाली आपके लिए और आपके फॅमिलीके लिए आरोग्यदायी और सम्पूर्ण हो. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दिवाली मतलब प्यार और खुशियां और मुस्कुराते, मेरी दुआ है आपको ये सब मिले, आप खुश रहो सम्पुर्ण रहो. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

मनके सारे दुःख और कष्ट आपके इस दिवाली निकल जायेंगे, नया सवेरा इस रोशनीवाली सुबा से आएगी और आपको फिरसे आपको खुश करेगी, शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

जैसे रौशनी  अंधकार को कम करती है, वैसेही इस दिवाली आपके सारे संकट दूर हो जाये. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दीपावली का हर दिन आपके लिए खुशियाका त्यौहार लाये, सब खुश और मुस्कुराते रहे, दियोंके जैसे हमेशा रोशन और जगमगाते रहे. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

दीपावली मतलब दियोंका त्यौहार, आपके जीवन मेभी इन दियोंकी रोशनी लग जाये, और आप हमेशा रोशन रहे. शुभ दीवाली। 

Happy diwali 2022

 इस दीपावली दुनिया के सब लोग खुश रहे हमेशा, शुभ दीवाली। 


Happy diwali 2022

Happy diwali wishes in Marathi 

हि दिवाळी तुमच्‍यासाथी आनी तुमच्‍या कुटुंबाच्‍या सुखदायी आणि संपन्‍न आसुदे. दिवाळीच्या शुभेच्छा. 

Happy diwali 2022

दिवाळी म्हणजे प्रेम आणि आनंद, हे सर्व तुम्हाला मिळो हीच प्रार्थना, तुम्ही आनंदी रहा. दिवाळीच्या शुभेच्छा.

हि दिवाळी तुम्हे सारे दुःख आनी त्रास दूर क्रेल, दिवाळीच्‍या खुप शुभेचा. 

Happy diwali 2022

Happy diwali wishes in English  

Happy Diwali to you and all your family members. 

I wish this Diwali make illuminate you and make you more happy and successful in life. happy Diwali. 

Diwali means festival of joy and happiness, and all of this you will get in this Diwali. happy Diwali. 

This Diwali, may you remove all your sorrows and troubles, and make yourself happier. Happy Diwali.

This is my prayer to God,

May you all be happy and smiling always,

May this Diwali be your best and happy Diwali, 

happy Diwali.

Diwali rangoli

Diwali means the festival in which everything wants to be perfect. And for perfectness, everything should be done perfectly. Another important thing for Diwali is the rangoli. 

It is the one structure that is made in front of the door of the house. Every day the rangoli is changed Differently. So every day the designs you want we have given in this article. You can check it and get so many best designs for all days of your Diwali. 

Every day of Diwali is want to be happy and healthy because of it the rangoli is created in front of doors of house. The rangoli is working as an invitation to Devi Lakshmi Mata and other gods. 

Here we also given diwali rangoli images. Which will help you perfectly to draw a perfect rangoli on this diwali. Rangoli is always do perfect job for welcoming peoples in front of our house. So look at tha images and draw the rangoli which you want. 

 Diwali is the jubilee (here jubilee means festival) of Diya’s, Light and Joy. This is the most notorious and veritably popular jubilee festival all over the world. At this jubilee, the whole country is shone by its lighting. Children are eating special food, which is getting made only on Diwali by their mother, and play with firecrackers. Every person at the Diwali festival is very happy and the smile of every person is priceless. 

 Diwali 2022 The time 2021 is passed, and 2022 time is started. Last time the nimbus complaint was increased in the whole world, because of covid19 the Diwali is not celebrated well. And the whole world becomes quiet, after a long time, the carnivals are starting to come and giving us joy and happiness. Because of this Diwali festival, we start to smile and enjoy these carnivals with our family. 

Happy diwali 2022


In 2021 Diwali comes on the 4th of November. From this date, all peoples all over India start their Diwali and enjoy it. Some peoples say that this is the jubilee of one day technically. But in some regions, peoples enjoy this jubilee for 10 to 20 days. 

Happy diwali 2022

The first day of the Diwali festival, all peoples start their first day of Diwali by taking the bath with their mother or sister, family, or grandmother. Because of it our relation with them get further strong. After it, the First breakfast of that person is the sweets of the Diwali jubilee, which is for making start with sweetness. 

Happy diwali 2022


Why Diwali Is Celebrated?

The Diwali festival is celebrated because on that day Lord Rama comes to returns to their megacity after 14 years of canvas means the jungle survival and he has killed Ravana. For celebrating the victory of Lord Rama on Ravan and Lord Rama’s welcome the Diwali Festival is started to celebrate each over the country. And now more than 1 billion people are enjoying this festival. 

Every person loves the Diwali festival veritably much. And because of this jubilee, the people who are at a long distance from their family get connected with their family for Diwali. The Diwali festival is celebrated by every person in India. 


This Diwali Festival has 3 main stages. The first stage is to put one or further diya’s front of your home to enjoy the shine of it. In the alternate stage, we want to make some sweets, which can give this Diwali jubilee further shine. And for the god’s invitation in Diwali, everyone’s house doors front should have rangoli. If you don’t know what is rangoli then read the passage of rangoli by searching it. 

And if you want the best Diwali rangoli image designs, we have provided all the best top design rangolis. By your choice, you can draw it. 

 There are so numerous sweets made at this jubilee. Because of these sweets, the joy of this jubilee increases. On Diwali there are some other festivals also come like Bhai Doj, which is the festival of sisters and brothers. And we also have Tulsi Vivah on Diwali, in which we make a puja of the tulsi plant. And there is also a Lakshmi pooja, it is one of the main festivals comes in Diwali. 

In Laxmi poojan we want to appreciate all the metal things and money in our house and make a Pooja of ma Laxmi mata. You will see so many festivals like these in Diwali festival season. 

At last, we want to enjoy ourselves with our family and fire some crackers or shine the diya’s. This jubilee has another name also, which is diya ustav. The time of diwali is the best in a year for every person because of the atmosphere of diwali. It makes everyone happy. 

Happy diwali 2022


What is Diwali a celebration of?

Diwali is celebrated all over India, because of Ramayan period. God ram has come their home from more than 14 years of jungle survival. And he also killed Ravan. Because of the victory of God ram the Diwali is celebrated as a celebration of God Rama’s victory. 

What is Diwali meaning?

Diwali means a festival of ideas, the festival which is celebrated as a victory of God Rama on Ravan. It is celebrated by lighting diyas, which means the victory of light over dark. 

Why do we celebrate Diwali and why?

As I was given explanation above why Diwali is celebrated, you can get knowledge about why it is celebrated in the above paragraph. When God Rama comes from 14 years of canvas means a jungle survival of 14 years, and for celebrating the victory of God Rama on Ravan the Diwali is celebrated by the people for welcome God Rama.  

Happy diwali 2022

What happens on the 5 days of Diwali?

Usually, the Diwali festival is 5 to 15 days. In 5 days of Diwali festival means there are some 5 festivals celebrated in Diwali. The combination of the 5 festivals is the Diwali. The Laxmi puja, tulsi vivah, Bhai due, starting day of Diwali and the last day of Diwali. In this manner, the normal Diwali is celebrated. 

How do you explain Diwali to a child?

Perfectly I don’t know how to explain to the child but I think it is simple to tell him or her story of Diwali. This means the god Rama’s story which will give perfect knowledge to the child. I explained the whole god Rama story in the above paragraph so check out it. 

Happy Diwali 2022 Free Images Download 

Diwali is a veritably great and veritably nice jubilee. At this Festival we come together with our whole Family and Celebrate it. The Joy in this period makes us happy, And because of this happiness, our body is also get relaxed over the year. 


Happy diwali 2022

  •  Hope this Diwali will make you and your family happier, happy Diwali 
  • Diwali is the festival of diyas, and this Diya will also spread light to your life and destroy your all dark part. Happy Diwali 
  • I hope this Diwali will bring you more happiness and you will be healthy. Happy Diwali 

 On Diwali, we enjoy so numerously by eating so delicious Sweets with our Family. We play with our family, In this time the small is veritably important for the people who have work important. And Because of Diwali Festival, we get so important joy. And because of it, our mind becomes refreshed and happier. And for child’s, I think personally they want every parent’s attention and they also want to play with their parents. 

And Diwali provides it, in all 15 days of Diwali the people get together with their family and enjoy the days of the festival. So if you are busy with your work don’t worry just enjoy the days of Diwali with your whole family. 

 The First Day of the Diwali Festival is started by Taking a bath from any family member or Mother. After taking Bath we want to supplicate and take Blessings from all old peoples in the Family. After Blessings, we want to start our day with Diwali sweets with Family. That means the start begins with sweetness. 


Happy diwali 2022


 There are 4 more festivals come in Diwali Festival. 1. Naraka Chaturdashi- This is also a veritably popular Indian Hindu Religious Festival, 

 2. Lakshmi Puja- Lakshmi Puja is a veritably Popular Indian Festival, which is Celebrated as a Prayer for Lakshmi Mata. On Laxmi poojan the Pooja of any metal or money you have is done. This provides appreciation for all things you have in life. This Festival also has one great Story behind it. 


Happy diwali 2022


 Lakshmi Puja is Celebrated for, Once upon a Time, Lakshmi Mata has come from the Samudra Manthan. also the gods are requested Lakshmi Mata for coming into the Gods group, But Lakshmi Mata said to the gods that” You have Only Punya Karma, Because of it I do not Want to come in your Group”. 

 After Gods Group, The Sant group Means Good Peoples Group has requested Lakshmi Mata to come into their group. But Lakshmi Mata said,” You have only Hard work because of it I do not Come to your Group”. 

After it, Lakshmi Mata said ” I Want the people who have comity of Hard work and Punya Karma also” Because of it The peoples supplicate To Lakshmi Mata. So from this story, we get that we want to work hard with politeness for Laxmi Matas’s happiness. 

 3. Bhai Dooj:- Bhai Dooj is also a veritably Popular Indian Hindu Religious Festival. At this Festival the family gives a gift to her family and her family Gives her family so numerous Blessings. This festival is celebrated between sisters and brothers. 

 And 4. Tulsi Pujan:- on this festival, the plant of tulsi is get married because of it is also called Tulsi Vivah. And this festival also has its own remarkable story so if you want to comment on us I will explain it. With these 4 Carnivals, there are so numerous Carnivals (here carnivals mean festivals) come in Diwali Carnivals. 

Download Happy Diwali 2022 Wishes and with them with your Stylish Friend, Family Members, etc. And spread Love. Diwali Festival is one of the best festivals in India. And Because of its moment, The workers also Got a Diwali perk Named bonus payment. For enjoying Diwali impeccably. 


Happy diwali 2022

 On Diwali when all Family Members Come together The atmosphere of that Place becomes A place having love, Joy and so important blessing, because of it the time of Diwali is priceless. Which makes the people and children of that Family happier. Because of Diwali Festival, we enjoy the great 7 to 15 days Trip with our Family. 

Happy diwali 2022

  • Spread Joy and Happy Like Sunshine and Enjoy Festival with your family, Happy Diwali! 
  • The Diwali Day Is veritably joyous And veritably Grate, Enjoy This Day with Your Family and musketeers, Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali’s Festival is the Very Pure and veritably Grate Festival, In which we Enjoy The Nice time In Your Life with our Family, Happy Diwali! 
  •  At Diwali Festival every moment is best for you Because You Spend The whole time with our Family, Happy Diwali! 
  • A hearty Happy and Healthy Diwali To You And Your Family, Happy Diwali! 
  • Every Night, Every Day, and Every Moment of Diwali Festival is Special and Grate so Enjoy it fully with your family! Happy Diwali! 

  • Enjoy all Days of the Diwali Festival don’t loose it, Stay Safe Stay Happy, Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali is the Festival of Joy and Happiness. Enjoy this Beautifull Moment of diwali. currently Diwali is a Great Relaxable Festival. Happy Diwali! 
  • Currently in this hardworking life, the festivals are only the Moments, which are pleasurable. This is the time to get a break and Enjoy this Life Moment with your all Loving people. 
  • This Diwali Makes someone smile, which will make you happier. Be happy and make everyone happy. Happy Diwali! 
  • I wish this Diwali gives you So much Happiness. Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali is also a Big Festival in India, in this Festival all members of the Family come together and Spread Love. Because of it’s the Biggest Festival in India. 
  • Hope this Diwali is also a Memorable Diwali. Spread Love and happyness. Happy Diwali to you and your family! 
  • In This Diwali give one smile to anyone, which will be the best diwali Gift to whom you’re giving Smile. Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali is the Festival of Lights, And I wish these lights will be always on in your life. Happy ! 
  • Diwali is the best Moment in everyone’s Life, Because In these Festivals, only we get a Break from these work full days. Hope this Break will Make you veritably Happy. Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali is the Festival of Joy and Lights. So the Diya’s and make your life more Bright. Happy Diwali 2021! 
  • This Diwali will make you happier, Wishing you and your family a heartly a very Happy Diwali! 
  • Diwali is a Great and Sweet festival in India. At this Festival everyone gets so.much joy and Happiness. Happy Diwali 2021! 
  • Wishing You This Diwali will be also a Great and healthy Diwali Festival. Happy Diwali to you and Your Family! 
  • Everyone in your Life is so important Special in your life. Make them Happy and Spread Love on this Diwali. A veritably Happy Diwali to you and Your Family! 
  • Wish you a veritably Happy Diwali!, Hope this Diwali also gives you Great Happiness and joy. 
  • Spread Joy and Smiles, Which will make you much happier. Happy Diwali 2021! 
  • Diwali is the Festival of Joy and Light, Wishing this Light and Joy will be always with You. A veritably Happy Diwali! 
Happy diwali 2022


  •  Make Someone Happy, which will make you also happy. Wishing you a veritably Happy Diwali! 
  •  Diwali is the Festival in which all Family Members Come together to enjoy. Some Times the Diwali is the jubilee in which the small kiddies get some precious time with their parents, which they do not get in diurnal life. 
  •  And For the Peoples who aren’t rich and not poor, Diwali is the Festival in which they buy new clothes and some sweets. And they enjoy their Diwali. 
  •  In this world That Does not Matter how rich you are? and How poor You are? But How Happy you Are? It’s Really Matters. So Enjoy Your Day and Diwali. Happy Diwali!

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Some FAQ’s 

Is Diwali a Hindu or Sikh?

I think that is not important who are you and what caste do you belong. Just you want to be human to celebrate diwali. Mostly diwali is celebrated in Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism religion. So diwali can celebrated in all over India. 

Do Muslims celebrate Diwali?

By my opinion, Diwali is the best festival of purity and divinity. So the difference of caste and religion should not come in celebration. Just want to celebrate the diwali, don’t worry if you are poor or which religion you belong. Yes, I think muslims also celebrate diwali.

What food do you cook for Diwali?

On Diwali, personally in my house my mother cooks a Karanji (it is the filling of Fresh Coconut with sugar), Shankarpali (It tastes like Biscuit), badhang or chuda (it is like a bhel) and the main food is Laadu (it is the sweet made-up of Besan and desi Toop). I mostly love laadu, because it tastes very sweet. 

What is Diwali religion?

Diwali is the biggest festival of India and it is mostly celebrated In Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism religion peoples. I think, diwali is not a festival of making difference in religion or in any caste. You want to celebrate it with fully heartily. 

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