How Electric Cars works ???

Electric cars

The electric car is the future of the car industry. Which is the next step of the simple cars. After the petrol/diesel cars, our scientist’s developed this simple car into electric cars, which are very high-tech cars. With the help of electricity, we can charge or full the battery of these cars. The history of cars is very great. Many years ago the simple cars means the cars which are running on petrol and diesel are not invented. Almost 90 to 100 years ago in the world, all peoples are using the only cycle. At that time the bikes are also not invented. 

Best electric cars

Best electric cars

First, the wheel is invented by a person before the invention of cars. After the invention of the wheel one man take 4 wheels and with the help of his mind, he made a small car-type vehicle with help of it. From this, the peoples got an idea of how to make the best vehicle to travel some distance in small intervals of time. The first car with an engine is invented in 1886 in the world. It has slow speed but after so many experiments and so many inventions, now the highest speed of the car in the world is 600 to 700 km/hr. 


After the age of these simple engine cars, the age of electric cars is coming. We can also say to electric cars as eco-friendly cars. Because of that cars are eco-friendly. They are run on electricity, not on diesel or petrol like these natural fuels. Because of that cars are not using natural fuels that cars don’t pollute nature like normal cars. Because of the use of our normal engine cars, our nature got so many effects. Like global warming, because of pollution, the line around the earth protects us from ultraviolet rays, that getting small holes. When a small hole of 1 mm is appearing on that line, then from that line the ultraviolet ray passed from it also can destroy the whole earth. 

How electric Cars works???

For preventing that affects our smart technicians invented electric cars. So many peoples have also invented the cars which are running on water, That type of cars are also very grated for use. But these are not in use because the water storage on the earth can get empty because of overuse therefore the electric cars are in use today. Today present there are so many brands of cars that are made the electric car concept. And with it, so many companies are also giving the feature of Auto-Pilot mode. Because of this feature, we can go anywhere without our driver. After the age of electric cars in the future, we can see the age of cars, which also can use to fly have been invented. 

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