How to convert normal Tv into smart Tv ???

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 In this age For entertainment, we made a source of entertainment. Which is TV. In android tv, there is already have the option to play apps on tv because it has a computer chip. For making the normal tv android tv doesn’t want any computer technology we only want the source which connects the screen with tv’s screen to converting the normal tv into an android tv.

What is Android Tv?What is Android Tv?

What is Android Tv?

This android tv is made by our scientists and software engineers in past almost 3 to 4 years. And because of it, our life becomes more comfortable and smart. In old TVs there is not any type of this technique is used because of it. Who does have old tv they are not enjoying the smartness of this technology. 

For it, there is also one option developed for the conversion of our old tv into android tv by our smart scientists. One of the options is Airtel smart set-top box which developed your old tv and gives access to convert it into an android tv which’s the normal cost is almost 3000rs. To 4000rs. . When you buy it some internet data is also given to you free. In only 3 to 4 thousand your old tv easily becomes an android tv. 

There is another 1 option is also developed by our smart companies which are made by Google company. This product is almost 1000rs. . This product is very cheap it gives us Netflix, youtube, play store, etc. . Name of this device is Chromecast, this is very good. Which you can buy from Amazon, Flipkart, and any other electronic shop. There is also another option for this conversion. That is HDMI to USB cable. With the help of this cable, we can connect our mobile screen with tv’s screen. 

For use of this cable, we want a mobile. In this age for 1 people there is almost 2 to 3 mobiles are have in use in the present from it or any old android mobile you can connect your mobile to tv. HDMI is specially used for sharing screen, you have observed that the monitor of our computer we connect with c.p.u. through HDMI cable. 

The first and last step means only one step is to make this possible is to connect the cable mobile to tv. The advice of our technicians to you is to take Chromecast or Airtel or any SIM network like Jio fiber set-top box from use of one of these products is more easiest to use.

Out of it do you have smart tv? but don’t have an android tv you want to change your smart tv with android tv. Is it possible? , Yes it is possible. Go to your smart TV settings and turn on wifi and connect with your smartphone’s hotspot ( go to your smartphone’s setting and turn on the hotspot of your smartphone ). 

Then download the screen mirroring app when you don’t have an option to start screen mirroring, most android phones have the option of screen mirroring in your setting. Then start screen mirroring of your mobile’s with your smart tv. Then enjoy your android tv. This technique is much similar to HDMI to USB cable technique. 

In Chromecast there is also one step to start using apps on the tv which is that connect your Chromecast through the cable to your table, this is very easy and when you don’t have any old mobile then you can use this Chromecast, the cost of this Chromecast is cheap than any other new mobile. And the android tv set-top box is also a good option because of it we get other channels also from the 3000 to 4000 thousand rupees. 

And after it 500 to 1000rs. For the month we get channels, internet data for 4 to 5 phones, and all other apps free for the first 1 to 3 years. Which is almost great offers. Therefore use best and are you taking new tv you should take android tv. Which have already great technology to enjoy a great experience. And the cost of these android TVs is almost the same as normal TVs, at this time the cost of 10,000rs. Tv you get the android version. 

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