How to Invest In Bitcoin ?

What is bitcoin
What is bitcoin 

Bitcoin is an open-source for money growth invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s price is dependent on the Market. Bitcoin is a currency-type investing platform for more benefits, it was like one of the currencies without a nation because it is a digital platform.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price

We can also say that it was digital money. Because of it, Bitcoin has given one limit for its supply number which is 21 Million bitcoins. The price of these bitcoins is at present approximately 21 lakh billion in number 21,00,000 billion which is a very big number.

price of Bitcoin
Price of Bitcoin 

Today’s price of bitcoin in India was 23,52,260.57 Rs. for 1 bitcoin. The currency started to use in 2009 when its uses were released as open-source. It increases in 12 hours by 1 lakh – 5 lakh.

Because of it, people want to invest in Bitcoin’s Therefore In starting in 2008 the price of One Bitcoin was 500 Rs. , then in 2009 it increases and comes to 7000 Rs. from 2010 the price of this bitcoin is increasing and in present, it came to 25 lakh. 

Bitcoin value
Bitcoin value

And this is also real in one second the price of one Bitcoin was increased by 1000 Indian rupees. Today at this age the bitcoins are a very popular and great incoming source online. This is the online money. But some digital Thief’s are also present in this digital world. 

There are so many peoples in the world are working as a hacker. And because of the theme, the coin’s come in danger. Some hackers are very grated but some are doing illegal activities. Because of it, they got to jail. 

But some hackers are very intelligent who hacks your bitcoin’s information and from it they earn money. To stop it gets safe. Buy it safely and don’t share the password and other details with anyone. 

How to buy these Bitcoin's?

How to buy these Bitcoin’s? :-  it was digital money because of this, the market of buying bitcoin’s was present online. is a platform for buy bitcoin online. You can buy it through the guidance of an official personal C.A. 

Who can give you a better decision? Or there are so many ways to buy it like you can also buy it through the agencies who buy and sold bitcoins.

Is bitcoin is safe or not?

Is bitcoin is safe or not? :- No, because it was digital money, it is real it increases by 1000 rs. in one second, But it is online money because hackers will hack it easily it has more high risk than other platforms.
 And so many countries ‘bitcoins are illegal when we break the law on it will also get us in prison by the cyber police. Therefore buy it on your mind. 

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