How to make butter chicken in 30 min’s ?

 Make butter chicken in 30 minute's .

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😍Make butter chicken in 30 minute’s .😍

Ingredient’s ,

Chiken Bonless Chicken                     = 500 gram .

Butter Butter                         = 100 gram .

Red Chili Red chili powder       =  1 small bowl .

salt Salt                             = as per taste .

Garam Masala Garam masala           =  1 small bowl .

Haldi Haldi powder             =  1 tablespoon .

अदरक लहसुन Adrak lahsoon paste  = 1 tablespoon .

Refined OilRefined oil                  = 2-4  tablespoon .

Cream or Yoghurt     = 1 bowl .

dry masalaDry masala’s              = dalchini , ilaychi , laung , black pepper .

onionOnion                         = 500 gram .

Everest Masala Powder (Chicken masala packet from the market)

Tomatoes Tomatoes                   = 500 gram .




1.First wash the chicken and Let’s start the marination process of your chicken take chicken in one bowl and add in it Haldi powder one tablespoon, cream or yogurt 1 bowl, adrak law soon paste of 1 tablespoon, salt (as per your taste), and red chili powder of 1 tablespoon mix it well and store it for 15 to 20 minutes at the side. 


2.For making the gravy =  take tomatoes and onions cut it well. take cut onion in one plate and store it at rest for the next 10 minutes for releasing the water from it . Take cut-ted tomatoes in a mixer and crush them well and make a paste of it and place it at the side for some time.

Fried Chicken

3.Take one pan to add oil to it and fry the marinated chicken for 4 to 5 minute’s on medium flame (this is a secrete tip for butter chicken) it makes the chicken very tasty as paneer . Then in the same pan fry Dry masala’s for 1 minute and crush it in mixer put it at the side for some time .

4.On the same pan fry first cut-ted onions for 4to5 minutes at medium flame then add in it paste of cut-ted tomatoes, add red chili powder 1 small bowl, garam masala 1 small bowl, paste of adrak lahsoon ,salt(as per your taste), mix it well. And then add our fried chicken and butter. Mix it for 5 to 10 minutes. And last, enjoy your dish with butter roti!😋

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