How to make tree house in one day ???

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 When we want to relax after a lot of hard work then we go to our village for relaxation. When we go to our farm we assume we are sitting in the treehouse and eating some fruits for this first we search for the place where the treehouse will be parked very nicely. We are given you some tips to build a treehouse in one day.

Tree House

 First, search the tree which has a flat surface on its stem. And the tree for the treehouse wants super strong. Usually take a tree of mango or banyan for making treehouse. Then we want to make a flat surface for making house take some woods flat surface from the nearest woodshop. We also want some kills for making your treehouse strong. Use kills and woods surface and make a flat surface on a tree. 

Tree House

 Then start to making sides of your treehouse make it like a surface we have made. And after it on the upper side make a  super relax-able and comfortable upper side. To become cold temperature in your treehouse. For making this treehouse almost 1 day is required. After making this tree house we can go there feel most happiness and relax-able. For making your treehouse more best you can put in front of it a fingerprint lock which will open the door only when your fingerprint gets matched. You can put grass on your flat surface and we also put some clothes or one bed in our treehouse. 

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Do best designs in the internal area of your treehouse. Take 2 chairs to sit on it. And the main thing is that makes one ladder with the help of rows. Because of ladder people’s enter in a treehouse. For making more relax-able you can put one bed or single bed on tares. And after all of these, your treehouse is got ready to use. 

Tree House

You can put one camera in your house or near your treehouse. Put the camera in a treehouse or near it is not very important but for enjoying the night view of your farm or taking care of your farm you can do this also for safety. 

Tree House

You can stay for most days in this house which you will stay guaranteed. It the way to making your treehouse in one day and not a simple tree house it will become the most luxurious treehouse and most relaxable, enjoyable treehouse. 

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