How to share Location in whatsapp ?

Whatsapp full information

 Whatsapp application is the app from which we can contact our friends in some seconds. With the help of the erlang language, this app is developed. At one second lakh of Gb data, today is transferred from one place to another place. which is done by only the WhatsApp app. Really the technology is increasing from time to time. We can assume that in the future we can contact with our most assumed think alien, every people can contact with aliens, really can it happen? we cant say that, when it happens then we say that it will happen.

How to use Whatsapp Web ???

In the present age, WhatsApp is a very popular app. With the help of this app, you can connect with your friend and start a chat conversation with him. Overall out of 7 billion people on the earth 5 billion-plus people use WhatsApp. From this app, we connect with our friends in some seconds in this app message, call, video-call, status, etc. Are features are available. It is published or launched on 3 May 2009, its owner is Facebook at present means Mark Zukerbak. 


We have any work done on a desktop, we want to print it but on desktop, we don’t have WhatsApp. This happens when we don’t know about it. For connecting WhatsApp to your desktop there are some steps. 

connect your WhatsApp with your desktop. Or How to use Whatsapp Web ???

connect your WhatsApp with your desktop. Or How to use Whatsapp Web ???

  •       First step:- open WhatsApp on your android mobile. 

  •       Second step:- go to the three dots on their right side on the upper side. After it chooses the option of WhatsApp webs. 

  •       Third step:- then you see the scanner is opened in your WhatsApp. After all of these are done in mobile go to your windows desktop.

  •       Fourth step:- open the WhatsApp web application, download it from your Microsoft store. Then you will find one QR code that is generated from your app.

  •       Fifth step:- this is the last step to scan the QR code from your mobile. When you scan it then in some seconds your WhatsApp gets connected to your desktop.                                                      


How on dark mode on Whatsapp application

How to on dark mode on Whatsapp application ???

  •       First step:- Open your WhatsApp application.
  •       Second step:- Go to the three dots at the upper side on the right side.
  •       Third step:- Then go to setting and select the theme option and click on dark theme. done! enjoy!

How to share Location in Whatsapp?

How to Share Location on Whatsapp?

1.First Enable location permissions of WhatsApp in your phone’s Setting > Apps & notifications > Advanced > App permissions > Location > turn on WhatsApp. If you recently opened WhatsApp, you can go to your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Permissions > turn on Location.

2. Open The person whom you want to share your live location or group chat.

3.Tap On Attach > Location > Than Click On “Share live location”.

4. Select the time you’d like to share your live location. Your live location will stop being shared after the selected amount of time.

5. Tap on Send. Then Your Location is Get shared With the person. 

Whatsapp Dp

Whatsapp Dp

Dp means a Display Picture. It is mainly used to show your favorite or highlighted image. Dp is also known as Profile Picture because its meanings are the same. 

The Whatsapp Dp means the Profile picture of the person which we see when we open the WhatsApp app. Today the WhatsApp becomes a very popular app. Because of Whatsapp Dp, we can identify the person. 

We can use Whatsapp for business also. Because of Whatsapp, we can contact our customers in seconds. Whatsapp saves our time and our efforts. And With the help of Whatsapp Dp, We can easily chat or identify the customer. 

Today we can also use Whatsapp on our Desktop, Laptop in the form of Whatsapp web. Whatsapp is updating itself. On Whatsapp Web, we can see so many new features. The calling feature Means video call and normal call feature in Whatsapp web is very useful. Without our mobile, we can call anyone in some seconds. 

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

In Whatsapp, there are so many features and Whatsapp Status is a very popular feature. Because of this Whatsapp status feature, we can get knowledge about any person’s life. With the Help Of Whatsapp status, we can give knowledge about our feelings. But be careful using it properly. 

To set up Your Whatsapp follow the steps:-

1. Open Your Whatsapp App.

2. You can see the status option on the screen, click on it. 

3. After clicking you will see one plus icon, click on that icon.

4. Which photo or video do you want to share on WhatsApp status select it and click on the send button.

5. After doing all steps carefully, your status is got uploaded.

Download Whatsapp App For Desktop/Windows Free

Download Whatsapp App For Desktop/Windows Free

Today WhatsApp is a very useful app and because of WhatsApp, we do so many works. To use the WhatsApp app we have given the procedure, read it once again. And To Download Whatsapp Desktop App For windows 8 version And more than it Clicks on the Download Button.

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