Information about Monkey : The mysterious Animal



The monkey is one of the animals living on the earth. Human beings are also monkeys because the ancestor of humans are monkeys. After some time the use of tail of the monkey does not come into use. Because of it, the tail of the monkey is get lost. Therefore the human is done by the tail get lost. 

Monkey tail

Monkey tail

Monkey animal is so much similar with the humans. They have one mouth, two legs, two hands, one nose, two eyes, etc. . But they have one tail which is the main difference between monkeys and humans. The brain of a monkey animal is also much similar to the human brain. But the power of the human brain is so much higher than any other animal or monkey. 

Survey monkey

Survey Monkey 

Almost there are 7 billion means 7 hundred crore people are living on the earth. But the exact population of monkeys is no discovered we can say it will be almost 15 to 16 crore monkeys. 

There are so many species are also come in monkeys. Like some monkeys are very intelligent or some are dangerous and some are very slow and dumb. The apes are also one type of monkey. These apes are very lazy monkeys, who never work fast they are always slow.

 And the bear is also one type of monkey which is big in size only, they are almost 500 kg to 3-ton weights. They are very strong. The king kongs are also one type of monkey. These types of monkeys are very strong and fast. Some of them are big in their size. 

Monkey bread

Monkey bread 

There are almost 5000 to 30000 species of monkeys. The mind of monkeys is not developed as the mind of humans. There is more than one difference between humans and monkeys Is the monkey has a hairy body and the human has also lost his hairy body. This change is happening with time. Some monkeys are very dangerous but some are very polluted and kind. 

The all process In the body of the person is much similar to humans because the ancestor of the humans is a monkey. Because of human evolution, the difference between humans and monkeys Is done. The color of monkeys is normally yellow because of their hairs. And the skin color of a human is skinny means a mixture of brown and red color. The mouth of the monkeys is black in color. And the color of a human’s mouth is skinny.

Monkey's favorite food

The monkey’s favorite food is banana. Which we have seen so many times. So many peoples have one confusion which is that the monkeys eat only bananas. But this is not true because the banana is the favorite food of the monkeys. They also eat chapati, other fruits like mango, papaya, etc. . But because they don’t know how to eat it and what is it ? . We have seen the monkeys are eating bananas many times. 

Monkey kingHanuman

Monkey king 

There are so many movies and cartoons are also made by the people on monkeys. For entertainment. In the gods, the Lord Hanuman is the very strongest god. He went to the sun for eating the sun. He is also a monkey. In some religions, he is also called the monkey king. There are so many movies we can see on him.

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