Is Alia Bhatt in a relationship?

Yes, Alia Bhatt is now dating Ranbir Kapoor, but before she met him, she was in other connections that unfortunately didn’t work. Alia Bhatt is Very Popular Indian Film Actress from Bollywood. She has Worked in So many Popular Hindi Language Movies as Student of The Year. 

Alia Has so many Spotted With Ranbir. Recently They are Spotted Toghter in 1st January. They have Enjoyed in Zoo Great Time Toghter. And So many Co-Actors of Alia Bhatt are Tissing Her By Ranbir’s Name. 

In an Interview of RRR Movie, She has Got Questioned by 1 Reporter About Ranbir Indirectly. But She has Not Replied it and Give Ignore with a Cute Smile. And she also has Spoken Ranbir is My Boyfriend Indirectly on Social Places.

Is Alia Bhatt in a relationship?

So That is Clear Alia Bhatt is in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Now there are 4 names of people that Alia Bhatt had before fallen in love with before saying, ‘I Love You’re her special person, Ranbir Kapoor’. 

 Alia Bhatt is a beautiful and talented actress in the Film Industry. She has starred in numerous award-winning flicks and is also seen making her appearances with Partner Ranbir Kapoor. We have a list of the other guys she dated before Ranbir Kapoor. 

1. Ramesh Dubey 

 He was reportedly Alia’s first swain. They were both High School dears. They studied in the same high academy, Jamnabai Narsee School. Ramesh Dubey is a private person and there’s not important about him on social media. According to reports, they might have only dated because of being in the academy together. 

2. Ali Dadarkar 

Ali Dadarkar is also an anon-celebrity she dated. They both dated before Alia stepped into amusement. They were together for quite a long time, and he was Alia’s alternate relationship. They were enough serious with each other and were frequently seen on feasts, dates, and spending time together. They reportedly ended terms because of Alia joining Bollywood. 

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 3. Sidharth Malhotra 

 We all have heard about Sidharth and Alia being in a relationship. Alia and Sidharth made their debut in Bollywood together with Pupil of the time, and they’ve done two flicks together. They both noway verified their relationship, but they both broke up because of Sidharth getting too close with Jacqueline, as per reports. 

4. Kavin Mittal 

Kavin Mittal is one of the topmost smarts from Imperial College, London. He’s the author of Hike runner. He’s the son of one of the popular business princes, Sunil Mittal who owns telecom company, Airtel. There were addresses) about the two of them dating. 

5. Ranbir Kapoor

About Ranbir And Alia’s Relationship, we have Given Full Information At the Start point of this Article.

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