Is JEE Main tough for average students?


Is JEE Main tough for average students?

Jee main means joint entrance examination, in india it is one of the top hard level exam. So many students has much fear of jee main and advanced. Jee advanced is conducted for admission in iits of India. Iit is one of the most respectable college in India. 

Answer for Is jee main tough for average students is, Yes this is tough to clear jee main for average person if he or she don’t do anything. But if the person work hard with consistency to clear jee main is easy for average student. 

The preparation time for this exam is 2 years. And so many students start it from 11th. If you are also preparing for jee main. And you have doubt about you to crack the exam. 

The jee is not much though exam, after hardwork and consistency the preparation of this examination is very easy. There is much large syllabus for this exam. But If you really want to crack it. Then everything is possible in this world. So work hard and do it consistently. 

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