Kumkum Bhagya January 2022

Well, on the rearmost occasion of Kumkum Bhagya there will be an amazing story that takes place tonight because now Rhea and Aaliya are about to face some new problems and unexpectedly the effects we’re talking about will be brought by Sahana. Still, so far we were watching that Prachi was showing her another icon but as time passed she returned to her calm interpretation. So, far we watched that Rhea mixed commodity in Mango juice, So, stick around. 


Kumkum Bhagya 1st Jan 2022 Moment’s Written Episode Did Prachi Subscribe The Papers? 

 The rearmost occasion begins with, Ranbir telling Jai that he’ll take a nap as he’s tired of everything. Jai asks him that what happed and why he seems so sad, he replies that he’s just fed up with his current life because nothing is going as per his planning and the marriage is killing him from outside and this is the only reason that he’s being like what he’s not. Jai asks that there’s no way to get relieved of this now, and asks that how will he attack all this, he replies that all he wants now is just a power nap and he’ll be fine after that or at least try to calm himself. Jai says him to sleep and take care as well saying he’ll be back soon. 


 Kumkum Bhagya Rear most Written Update 

 Still, just after Jai Prachi way in, Ranbir wipes his gashes out and looks at Prachi but as he has drunk that spiked juice so he’s not in the senses and he thinks that still, Jai is standing there and he says “ Jai I suppose I ’m not well because your face is looking like someone differently’s face”. As Prachi isn’t in syncope about him so he asks him that who like is she looks like, he replies that his family indeed his voice and height are the same as her. 


Also, Prachi gets to know that maybe he’s not in the senses and thinks that she’s Jai rather than her. On the other side, Rhea checks the papers and gets happy telling Aaliya and Pallavi that the papers are inked. Aaliya hugs her saying congratulation eventually the dream came true. So, amid this situation watching this is going to be so amazing that what will be next because Rhea got the hand and she can play her coming move that can affect as worse for Prachi. So, stay tuned with us. 

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