Noise Colorfit pro 4 max Review

Noise is very well known Indian watch manufacturing company. It is very popular for its smartwatches. Noise colorfit smartwatches has so many latest features, and because of it it is always in Trend. And the smartwatches by the noise are also very strong and best in quality. 

Noise Colorfit pro 4 max is the now latest smartwatch by noise which has a latest blutooth calling feature. The world is now going forward to smartwatches because it looks cool, in youths the demand of this smartwatch. The look of this watch is also very good and cool.

This watch is one of the best watch in so many best watches in India. With a perfect look and advanced features it is the perfect combination. 

You can’t imagine how best features you will get in this smartwatch. In this noise Colorfit pro 4 max review article I am going to give you all details about specifications and features of noise Colorfit pro 4 max and review of it. 

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  • Noise Colorfit pro 4 Max Smartwatch 
  • Manual 
  • Charging cable 
  • Warrenty card


Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max is of 1.8 Inches Touch Display with lcd cool look, When we are going to purchase any smartwatch we go firstly for the display and its features. The display provides 240×285px resolution. And in this Smartwatch, the display is very good and it looks also very cool. So the display is perfect of Noise Colorfit pro 4 max. 

blutooth connectivity

The noise Colorfit pro 4 Max has the best Blutooth feature ever. It has Blutooth 5.1 Blutooth Connectivity. The noise is alltime favourite smartwatch manufacturer company in India by the youths who loves smartwatches. 

Watch faces 

The noise Colorfit por 4 max has more than 150 watch faces options. Which can you can change your daily watch faces easily. Cool watch faces are looks beautiful on the watch. The look of smartwatch is best but the watch faces make it more perfect. It also provides cloud based watch faces which are of good quality.


The noise Colorfit pro 4 max has lithium polymer battery. It has 7 days battey 🔋 backup. Stand by time of the watch is 30 days and the battery capacity is of 300mAh. The watch get fully charge in only 2 hours. To charge it you will get charging cable in box. 

Physical specifications

The weight of noise Colorfit pro 4 max is 42 grams, and the Dimension of the watch is 46.5×40.5×13mm, the watch case material is of Alluminium body. The strap size of smartwatch is 22mm and the material of strap is silicone, so it is very strong. It has IP68 water resistant.

Blutooth calling 

Till today there are only some smartwatches available which provides blutooth calling feature. And i can say the revolution of blutooth calling is started by the noise company only. It is providing Bluetooth calling feature in noise Colorfit pro 4 max. Which makes it more developed and cool. So now don’t need to use phone to talk with anyone on call, you can use smartwatch easily. 

Voice assistant

Noise Colorfit Pro 4 max supports google voice assistant and Siri also. And with voice assistant you can also plan your day. Like by setting alarm and notifications by support of voice assistant you can do this. This will remember you every thing which you want. So this feature I liked most in this smartwatch. 

Noise Colorfit pro 4 max Review Table

Pros Cons
  • 7 days battery🔋 life
  • Nothing
  • 150 plus watch faces
  • 30 days standby battery  support 
Our Rating = 3/5
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
  • 100 sport modes
  • 1.69 inches large lcd display
  • 24 hrs. heart rate monitor
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  • Blood Spo 2 monitoring,  female health monitoring, sleep monitoring


The price of noise Colorfit pro 4 max is only 4,499Rs. I think this is the best price for this smartwatch, because it has so many fantastic features which makes it perfect. This smartwatch is the best smartwatch under 5000Rs. 

Because at only 4,499 Rs. You are getting so many features like blutooth calling. The blutooth calling feature is not only available in top means above 30,000rs. Smartwatches also. But noise is providing it in only 4,499Rs. Which is really great. 

Watch Features & UI

Colorfit pro 4 max has so many features. Resperatory rate tracking system is the new feature you will get. This smartwatch also supports blutooth calling also means without touching mobile you can answer and talk with your watch. It also has call and sms quick reply feature also. 

The watch has 100 sports mode, it also has noise detection, stress and sleep monitor, 24/7 heart rate monitor and female health monitor features. And it also track your daily activity with spo2 monitoring. It also has find my phone feature also. Weather forecast, remote music control, stopwatch and calender reminder are also you will get in this smartwatch.

There are so many new features you will see in noise Colorfit pro 4 max like Bluetooth calling. You can also manage your daily activity means you can plan your day with voice assistant through watch only. The sports mode also work atomatic. You will also get timer, alarm, vibration alert, and wake gesture with noise Colorfit pro 4 max. 


I personally liked this smartwatch, because it is the perfect smartwatch. There are so many smartwatches are in market but this is very different. This smartwatch is the perfect smartwatch. And it also has so many top level features also like blutooth calling and day planner. 

From all specifications of this watch, by our opinion this is the best smartwatch by noise. Because it is full of best features, which are good to use. And noise is giving their best in small amount. So this is the best deal we think. And you should also grab it. So by our review this is the best smartwatch under 5000Rs. 

In features to this noise Colorfit 4 pro Max smartwatch I give 4.9/5 and for look and performance I give 5/5. So it is the perfect combination of performance and features. The look of this smartwatch is also very good and it looks more cool when we add the cloud based watch faces also in it. 

You will get 5 best color options in this smartwatch to buy it. The price of smartwatch is same in every color. The price of this smartwatch is 4,499Rs. To buy it click on below buy now link.

Is ColorFit 4 Pro worth buying?

Yes, if you have a small budget and you want the best smartwatch under 5000Rs. Now the Colorfit 4 Pro Max is for you, because it has so many features like blutooth calling, 60+ sports mode and more in small price. Just buy It because it is the best smartwatch under 5000Rs. 

Does noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max have GPS?

No, The Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max doesn’t not have GPS. but it has so many Features like 60+ Sports Mode, and watch faces and more. Which makes this smartwatch best smartwatch under 5000Rs. 

Does noise ColorFit Pro 4 have Alexa?

Yes, Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max has Built-in Alexa, which supports mic calling and more. There are so many features you will get in this smartwatch. 

Can I receive calls on noise ColorFit Pro 4?

Yes, you can call or receive calls through Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max. 

Which is latest noise ColorFit?

Now, latest Noise Colorfit Watch is Noise Colorfit 4 Pro Max, it has so many features and more than 100 Watch faces under 5000Rs. 

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