Online Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping

Online shopping

Today there are so many changes are accrued in technology. In the last period of the 19th century, the Invention of the internet is done. Which is the biggest invention in the world. Today there are so many businesses are work and make more money through the use of the internet. Today there is almost 60 to 70 percent of peoples use the Internet. From the Internet, the technology of online shopping comes.

The first person, who uses this technology to make the largest amount is our today’s largest companies owner jeff Bezos. When he knows about the internet, he predicts that the age of online shopping comes in the future. So his prediction becomes true. And now we see him in the top list of the world’s richest peoples. Because of online shopping, the peoples can order what they want? in some hours, without doing any work or without going to any shop. 

Online shopping sites

Online shopping sites



The first and most famous online shopping website is Amazon. It has a staff of 1 million workers in India. Amazon is what we can see in the form of the website and the app. The CEO of this online shopping site in the world’s richest person. And there are so many companies works with this amazon company. 



The second number of online shopping websites the Flipkart shopping company comes. It is also a very big online shopping site. With this shopping company also there are so many brands are work today, because of it this company makes more money. 

3.Big basket

Big Basket

Big basket is a very famous and popular online shopping website for home grocery. From this website, you can order home groceries and so many items so easily. And the delivery of this grocery shopping website is very fast. It gives you delivery of your home grocery in less than 5 hours or in 2 hours only.



In online shopping of best clothes, the first number is of Myntra online shopping website. At the first stage, this website is not very famous But after the fashion age, This website is started to rock in the market. So many best qualities of clothes and so many brands are on this Online shopping website.



This is the company, who makes the best speakers and headphones. Today is the age of fashion and technology, and at this time entertainment is most important. For more entertainment, this company makes their best and very useful speakers and headphones. Today This company is a very popular, very great and very best brand. 

Other Online shopping websites

Other Online shopping websites

Today in the market every shop has registered in the online market, Because of online shopping, they get more profit. Every online shopping website works with there strategy. And the peoples are also getting discounts because of competition in the market. 

Therefore because of discount the website becomes popular and people love to buy from it. We are giving the list of best online shopping websites, who gives best discount. The list of upper Online shopping website are also very grate websites, we are giving other websites from these websites. 

1. Tatacliq Online shopping


Ratan tata a great person, Who always comes for the help of any person, In the covid-19 situation he made the first Indian Online shopping website for people’s relaxation. Tatacliq is one of the famous and very popular shopping websites in India. This website gives us very great offers and great deals on all products.

2. Jiomart Online shopping


From reliance company, this online shopping website is a very great gift for the peoples. Very cheap prices from the market and best deals on premium products. At this time the corona disease is spreading, Because of it, this online shopping website gives free masks and sanitizers with any product. This is a very great thing about this online shopping website.

3. Alibaba Online shopping


Alibaba is the group of 3 to 4 companies, which are the best online shopping websites. With the help of this shopping website, you can get so many offers and so many coupons. And you can get free products also with the help of these online shopping websites.

4. Ajio Online shopping


Ajio is the website for buying online clothes. On this online shopping website, you find so many coupons and offers, Which give you the best price. And the products of this website are very grated of quality. Which makes the customer happier.

5. Snapdeal online shopping


Snapdeal is a very popular and best online shopping website, who gives you a good deal. And good delivery services at the best prices. Today at this age this online shopping website becomes a very big shopping network. 

Buy gifts Online

Buy gifts Online

How you can transfer your gift to your friend or any relative, is this possible?. Today at this age this is possible to buy a gift for your friend or relative and transfer it directly to their house. Today this feature we can see everywhere, But the amazon company is top in this. Because of its fastest delivery system and very grate features for the customers. 

amazon website

Step 1:- Go to the amazon online shopping website or go to their app.

How to Buy on Amazon

Step 2:- Buy the product you want to gift to your friend or relative, buy clicking the Buy now button.

amazon buying process

Step 3:- After clicking the Buy now button you can see the option of gift the object. Click on it, Then give the name of the people you want to gift it and give him/her contact number and address.


Step 4:- Click on the payment option. For making the process faster click on online payment. After doing the payment your gift is will get delivered in the next 2 hours or in 2 days.

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