How to share Location in whatsapp ?

Whatsapp  Whatsapp application is the app from which we can contact our friends in some seconds. With the help of the erlang language, this app is developed. At one second lakh of Gb data, today is transferred from one place to another place. which is done by only the WhatsApp app. Really the technology is … Read more

How To Get Free Domain-name ?

Domain Name Search  For every website’s growth, the first step is that domain name for that site which shows the place the website comes from. There are so many charges are applied for these domain names. And at starting the website we have a fixed budget for making a website. Our searching and working team … Read more

How to convert normal Tv into smart Tv ???

 In this age For entertainment, we made a source of entertainment. Which is TV. In android tv, there is already have the option to play apps on tv because it has a computer chip. For making the normal tv android tv doesn’t want any computer technology we only want the source which connects the screen … Read more

Flags of India

  Flags of  Our India India has a very great history of flags. Flags for every nation or country is started legal compulsory in 1857. From 1857 to 1947 the flags of India were changed in 7 times. And everyone changes it has great reasons And great history. 1857 In 1857 before independence the flag of India is … Read more


 In 2020 Most dangerous disease is covid-19. From a 3-year-old child to the old man know about corona. When we take the name of this disease in every people’s mind come’s only negativity. In February-march month this virus in the first stage in India. After releasing this virus is very dangerous the lockdown is applied … Read more

Are God Exist In Real Life ???

There are 7 billion people’s are surviving on the earth, And from one survey the 66.45 % peoples believe on God and other are confused, because who never seen the god. One of the men leaving on the earth is never seen the god it is truth, but after it, every person has there owned … Read more