Rocking Star Rocking with His Kgf in Box-Office

Before Kgf Rocking Star Yash worked in so many Popular Kannada Language Movies, But from Kgf He got his Real Face in Indian Cinema Industry. Now there are almost 20 Crore Fans out of 130 core Indian Peoples. 

Because on Online Platforms like youtube and Instagram There are so much of Craze and Trend is Following. 

Kgf Chapter 2 Is released on 14th April 2022. 

Kgf Chapter 2 Crossed 1200 rs. Crore

And in Only 1 Month This Rocking Movie has Crossed 1000 Crore and Entered in Top Movies of 1000 Crore Rs. Movies Club. Now Also, so many Peoples will watch this Movie for the 2nd and 3rd time because of its performance. 

Rocky is the Main Character of this Movie which is Played by Rocking Star Yash Now he is also known as Rocky in Public. There are so Much Big and Great in this Movie you will see.

In the last of this Movie, you can see how the Real Dieheart Fans of Yash are celebrating the joy of Kgf Chapter 2. There are so many songs in this Movie that also cross Millions of Views on Youtube. One of the best I enjoyed is Monster Song. 

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