Second moon of Earth?


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Second Moon For The


  Does Earth Have A Second Moon?

  •  This is not real news. When real the second moon for the earth is coming then the gravitation force will be destroyed by 50 percent of our scientists have observedved it.  One asteroid is entered in the gravitational circle of the Earth because its grey color is seen as a moon.
  • The earth is made by the soil and the water. And in the center of the Earth, the gravitational force is present. Because of this Gravitational force and the rotation of the moon around the Earth, The tsunami occurs. And when the second moon comes for the Earth, the balance of this gravitational force is getting destroyed. 
  • And because of it, There are so many deaths of living organisms are occurred. But for stoping this big loss, our scientists will do anything. 

Are Aliens are in real?
The alien is the animal or living organisms of another planet. So many peoples say this is the only belief of our mind. When we search about the alien, Area 51 is come in search, Because near the area 51 there are so many peoples have seen so many UFO’s and aliens. 
And there are so many clues are also present, which tells us the aliens are real and they are living on our Earth. For getting more knowledge and information about area 51, click on the Information about Area 51.
Earth has picked up a tiny second moon

  •  The problem is not solved? 
Second Moon the Size of a Tesla
  • This asteroid is in the circle of gravitation of the earth now? let’s see what happens. Because it is in orbit of the earth the difficulties are formed for human beings. 
  • Because in the past of almost 2 to 3 billion years dinosaurs are get destroyed by an asteroid radius of only 5 to 15 km. Because this tiny means only 5 to 15 km sizes asteroid the whole earth got destroyed and lots of species of animals are got destroyed. 
  • Because of this asteroid, we can’t see dinosaurs in present. 

This is  😂fake 😂news don’t believe in it. Stay home stay safe, be aware be safe. So many peoples are forwarding this fake news. To stop them share it to know more peoples this is fake news. Thanks for watching.

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