Sourav Joshi Age, Bio, Height, Girlfriend & Net Worth (2022)

Sourav Joshi is a very famous Indian YouTuber. He uploads his daily vlogs on his channel. Firstly he started his youtube career by his art youtube channel and after some years he shifted to vlogging. Now he is the no.1 Vlogger youtuber in India. 

Now at age of 24 years only, Sourav Joshi owns so many things and he has a lot of fame on social media. He is a one of the top youtube star. He also worked in some music videos. 

Sourav Joshi Age, Bio, Height, Girlfriend & Net Worth (2022)

Sourav  Biography In Short

Name Sourav Joshi
Full Name/Real Name Sourav Joshi
Knwon As Sourav Joshi
Profession Youtuber, Vlogger & artist
Birth Date 8th September 
Birth Year 1999
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Weight 69 Kg
Birth Place not known
Age in 2022 24 Years

Sourav Joshi Networth 

Sourav Joshi now has a top youtube channel which has more than 15 million Subscribers. And now his networth is 25 Crore Rupees. Now he owns fortuner, thar, enova and more. He also invests in land deals. 

Sourav Joshi age 

Now in 2022, Sourav Joshi is 24 years old. At 24 years Sourav has so much fan following and he has so many great personalities contacts also. Which is really very Big thing. 

Sourav Joshi Girlfriend

On social media there is trend for Sourav Joshi Girlfriend, so many fans of Sourav Joshi’s say that Priya means Piya dhapa is his girlfriend and sometimes it is truth. But because of Sourav never talked about it directly this is not confirmed. But by his small brother so many times the indirect clue are coming. So Sourav Joshi’s girlfriend name is Piru. 

Sourav Joshi has also shooted a music video with pihu which is not small thing. Because if you have a fan you can’t shoot a music video with her. If you have any relation with her then you can do it. But normally with fan he can’t do a shoot of music video. 

Sourav Joshi Marriage 

Sourav Joshi is now only 24 years old he is not interested in marriage now. He want to focus on his career. And so he will get married in future. Sourav like to travel now. So many times he travelled alone and some times he travelled with some people’s. And some times he gone to pihus house to meet her. 

Sourav Joshi Age, Bio, Height, Girlfriend & Net Worth (2022)

Sourav Joshi wife 

So many people’s know that indirectly the piru dhapa will be getting married with sourav Joshi. But Sourav has not given any confirmation about it. So we will in future what will happen.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs Birthdate 

Sourav was born on 8th September 1999 and he is now 24 years old in 2022. At age of only 24 years Sourav Joshi is doing very good. He owned a bunglow and a farm house with 3 suv vehicles. And he has a youtube channel which has more than 10 million subscribers. 

Sourav Joshi father 

Sourav Joshi father has worked so much. Before Sourav Joshi’s sucess his father working as a small builder means worker. He developed Sourav Joshi’s youtube studio also. You can see his father video on social media which will motivate you also. 

Sourav Joshi Vlogs Phone number 

Sourav Joshi has not shared his phone number on any social media account. If you want Sourav Joshi phone number then watch his videos in some videos you will get his phone number or his address. 

Sourav Joshi Vlogs Income 

Now in 2022, Sourav Joshi Vlogs Income is 15 Lakh per Month. Which means 1.8 CR Per anum. And he has total networth of 25 Cr Rupees. He earns money from his youtube channel which has more than 15 million subscribers. His income is increasing day by day, because his subscribers and viewers are also increasing day by day. 

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