Animals Without Teeth

27 JUN 2023


Anteaters have no teeth. Instead, they have a long, sticky tongue that they use to capture and consume their primary food source, which is ants and termites.

Source:- Google

Baleen Whales

Baleen whales, such as the blue whale and humpback whale, lack teeth in their upper jaw.

Source:- Google


Pangolins have no teeth, but they possess a long, sticky tongue that they use to extract ants and termites from their nests.

Source:- Google


Sloths have few teeth or no teeth at all. Their diet primarily consists of leaves, which are low in nutritional value.

Source:- Google


Most birds do not have teeth. They have a beak or bill, which serves various functions such as eating, preening feathers, and manipulating objects.

Source:- Google


Turtles lack teeth, but they have a sharp, beak-like structure that they use to bite and tear food.

Source:- Google

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