Bipasha Basu's Luxurious Cars

11 JUL 2023

Bipasha Basu is one of the Famous Indian Actress. She has worked in so many popular Movies in India. She have luxurious Car collection. She also have Volkswagen Beetle of rupees 30 lakh in her Car collection.

Volkswagen Beetle

She also owns 70 lakh rupees worth Audi Q7 in Her Luxurious Car collection. this car is very stylish and have so many advanced features which makes this car best.

Audi Q7

She also have one toyota Fortuner in her car collection. It is of around 35 Lakh rupees. She seen so many times with this car.

Toyota Fortuner

This Car also looks very much stylish and it has so many advanced features which makes it best car. Speed of this car is also very great.


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