Catherine Tresa's Luxury Car Collection

1 JUL 2023

Catherine Tresa is very famous South Indian Actress. She has very luxurious car collection. The Audi Q3 Comes first in her Collection of Luxurious Cars. 

Audi Q3

Price of this car is around 40Lakh rupees in India. This Car can touch 100 km/hr speed in only 10 seconds. And it comes with so many features. 

This is one of the luxurious cars in her car collection. Its price is around 50 lakh rupees in India.  It offers precise steering, well-tuned suspension systems.

BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series is known for its sporty performance, delivering responsive handling and engaging driving dynamics.

The price of this car is around 17 lakh rupees, This is also one of the best cars in her car collection. She mostly travels with this car only. 

Volkswagen Jetta

She has seen so many times with this car on her shoot location and awards function also. She also seen with this car in her Instagram posts. 

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