India's Most Beautiful IAS Officers

15 JUL 2023

Smita Sabharwal

Smita Sabharwal is an I.A.S. Officer from batch 2001. She got so much famous Because her beauty. 

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Sanjukta Parashar

Sanjukta Parashar is an IPS Officer from batch 2006 and she was born in 1979 year. 

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Tina Dabi

Tine Dabi is also famous Indian IAS Officer. She is from 2015 year batch. Recently she married with an IPS Officer.

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Aashna Chaudhary

Aashna Chaudhary is also famous and Beautifull IAS officer she is from batch 2022. She hold rank 116 in all india. 

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Aarushi Sharma

Aarushi Sharma is also very famous and Beautifull Indian IAS Officer. 

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