Kartik Aaryan's Luxurious Car Collection

5 JUL 2023

Kartik Aaryan is one of the famous Indian Film Actors. He has very luxurious Car collection, out of them Lamborghini Urus is one. The price of this car is around 4.20 Cr Rupees. 

Lamborghini Urus

He has Audi Q7 of rupees 84 lakh in his Car collection. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and precise gear shifts.

Audi Q7

He also owns 65 lakh rupees worth BMW 5 Series Car in his Car collection. Its Power outputs can vary depending on the engine choice and specific model. 

BMW 5 Series

Kartik also has some luxurious Sport Cars in his Car collection. Mclaren GT is one of them. Its price is around 3.75 Cr Rupees in India. 

McLaren GT

He also owns Porsche Booster of 1.45 Cr worth in his car collection. It is typically rear-wheel drive (RWD), offering a balanced and engaging driving experience.

Porsche Boxster

Kartik also has 42 lakh rupees worth Mini Hatch in his Car collection. It is known for its go-kart-like handling and responsive steering

Mini Hatch

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