Ram Charan's Top 10 Luxurious Cars

11 JUL 2023

Ram Charan is very popular South Indian Actor who has worked in so many Popular Movies like RRR. He have very luxurious car collection. And the first number in his car collection taken by Rolls Royce Phantom of around 9 Cr Rupees.

Rolls Royce Phantom

He also owns 2.56 Cr Rupees worth Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 car in his Luxurious Car collection. This Car looks very much stylish and it has so many futurastic features.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600

Ram also owns 3.5 Cr Rupees worth Aston Martin Vantage V8 car, which is manual car and it looks very stylish and cool on road.

Aston Martin Vantage V8

He also owns one ferrari car in his Car collection. He have Ferrari Portofino of around 3.5 Cr rupees worth. Which have 3855cc engine.

Ferrari Portofino

The actor also have one Range Rover Autobiography of rupees 4.5 Cr around in his Luxurious Car collection. Ram seen so many times with this car on his movie's shoot.

Range Rover Autobiography

He also owns BMW 7 Series car in his car collection which is of around 1.7 Cr rupees. It looks very stylish and cool. And it have so many Features.

BMW 7 Series

He also have one Mercedes Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe car in his car collection. Which is around 90 Lakh rupees worth car. He also seen some times with this car.

Mercedes Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe

Ram Charan also owns one Audi R8 car in his luxurious car collection. He mostly travels with this car to his farm house. The worth of this car is around 2.42 Cr rupees in India.

Audi R8

He also have one Lamborghini Gallardo car in his expensive and cool car collection. Ram Charan's this Lamborghini Gallardo car is worth around 3.5 Cr rupees in India.

Lamborghini Gallardo

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