Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhry) Luxury Car Collection

19 JUL 2023

Technical Guruji means Gaurav Chaoudhry is very popular in India because of his youtube channel. He have luxurious car collection, in which she have Rolls Royce Ghost car which is around 8Cr rupees. 

Rolls Royce Ghost

He also have one Range Rover Vogue car in his luxurious car collection, which is worth around 2.4 Cr rupees. This looks very stylish and cool. 

Range Rover Vogue

He also have one Porsche Panamera car in his luxury car collection. This is worth around 2.39Cr rupees in India. This car has 2894cc Engine for fast speed. 

Porsche Panamera

He also owns one Mercedes Benz G-Class car in his car collection. Which is worth around 2.39Cr rupees. This car has 2925cc engine which makes this car faster. 

Mercedes Benz G-Class

He also owns one BMW 750Li car in his car collection. Which is worth around 1.30Cr rupees. He seen so many times with this car in his instagram posts. 

BMW 750Li

He also owns one Audi A6 car worth around 65 lakh rupees in his luxurious car collection. It has 241 BHP and stylish look. 

Audi A6

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