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 In the world,  Man who comes in the top 10 richest people always is Jeff Bezos CEO of the world’s largest workers company Amazon. In amazon company there are 10 lakh worker’s are working. The founder and CEO of this amazon company our Jeff Bezos are made 180 $  billion in 5 years by launching this amazon company. The amazon company has a great story which is, the amazon company’s first storeroom is open in the garage. The billion of dollar’s company is started from one garage, normal people do not think about it. For it wants the grate and very smart brain.

Who Owns Amazon
Who Owns Amazon

In the future what want to the customer, this is the one secret of this amazon company’s success. At the age of 18 years old, Jeff knew about the future. He knows the internet world is coming soon and he wants to do the big from this internet technology. He thinks about how the shops come online with help of the internet. In this company, there are so many variety of products of all over in the world.

Amazon jobs

Amazon jobs

After so much thinking and 10 lakh workers working in the company, Amazon is becoming the world’s largest company. There are so many problems also in small business, but in this company, there are 10,00,000 worker’s and 10 crores regular customer’s. For handling, every person who is customer or worker is so difficult, but Jeff thinks when we give the best product’s and best services to our customer then no one wants to complain, and about the worker, he will give gifts on every anniversary of the company. And he works with his workers like a friend this is the main point, because of it the workers are also want to work hard. 

Amazon primeAmazon prime

Amazon prime

From one-click, the product from America is can deliver in India in front of your home in only 2 hours. This is the very fastest service which can’t be given by our nearest shop’s also but amazon gives it to us which is really very grated improvement and use of technology. Amazon Prime, amazon prime video is the best idea for Jeff for making this company bigger and bigger. For this, all Jeff started working in 1994 in the united states and it came to in India 2014 or 15. 

Amazon share priceAmazon share price

Amazon share price

One stock price of amazon companies is 3,225$. In only 30 years the world’s biggest company is made and it became the world’s richest man to his founder, This is a really great and big thing. And back of it the only one man’s mind which is our Jeff Bezos. He made a profit for everyone by this company from customer to worker to seller. This is the secret of think company. Work hard and never forgot to give smile to everyone. 

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