What is Google? : Information of Worlds biggest company



Google is the biggest and very popular company in the world. Today present this company is the heart of digital technology. This company works for the digital world, In the present, it is working for some physical products also. In this company there are so many workers are working on different projects. For making the peoples happy. Of this company there are so many products are in working of crore of peoples. This company is created at the start of the internet world and digital world. In starting time it has only the data but the search engine is not created in that time. There are so many changes that are done after a small time in Google. 

Who is the CEO of Google?

CEO of Google

Mr.Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google at this time. He is an Indian. For working him in google, google gives him almost 2100 crore rupees per annum. He is the man who saves the google company so many times. The idea for making the search engine before Microsoft decides to change the google with Bing search engine.

 He has the ability to be the CEO of Google company. In India, he is belonging to the Chennai state. His family belongs to a middle-class family before his birth. But at this time because of his hard work he enjoying the best life.

What is google translate?

Google Translate

There are so many products are developed by Google and google translate is one of them. It works to change the language of the para we want. With the help of it, so many peoples are learning different languages and earning from it. 

With the help of this technology, we can translate any para, word, or book. There are so many peoples are earning and living and enjoying their life with the help f this technology. 

Google news
Google News

With the help of google news. Any type of news we can get known in less than one second because of its speed. In this technology, we can find all the news are available in the world. Google is updating itself. 

It is trying to be the best from the present. Therefore it is uploading new products in a short time. Today there is lakh of products Google has done. Which are developed for the easy life and for people’s entertainment. 

Google maps
Google Maps

Today in present for going to the unknown place. About that place, we don’t know. Google is there for our help, google has done a solution for this problem also. Which is google maps.

Google maps help us to go anywhere and show the easiest path means the shortest path on which is less traffic than another route. Because of it, our time saves. And also with the help of this technology the geographical knowledge also known by us.

Google account 
Google account

Today there are almost 80 percent of peoples on the earth means out of 7 billion peoples 5 billion peoples have google accounts. This account is developed by Google for protection. When we are searching the name us or when we are using the products of Google. 

To stop the disuse of google products. Google accounts are invented. Because of this, Google knew about the person who is using these products. We can open this google account in less than 2 minutes. 

Google pay 

Google pay

Now, this is the age of everything become online. Because of it, google launches its google pay. For the transfer of money online in a small period of time. This technology is now in every phone. Because of it, the time to going the bank and transfer the amount is saved. 

The protection of it is very high and very developed. In one day the peoples transit Almost a crore’s of rupees from one account to another account through this technology in less than 1 min. 

Google lens 

Google Lens

At present, this is the age of searching and learning about anything. When we don’t know about the thing we want to search, we don’t search for it. For this, the google company has searched one solution which Google lens. 

Google lens is the technology developed by google which works for searching anything through capturing the image of it. With the help of it also we can transits the words in the image in any language in less than one second. 

Google ads 

Google Ads

This is the technology, with the help of it’s we can earn money through our passion. Google ads are for the person who has the ability to work hard and convert the passion for these into money. This works like tv, when we watch the ad on tv the money means revenue is get given to the publisher. 

With the help of this technology, there are so many peoples are coming on online platforms for working hard and making money. These ads are given to the publisher by the google AdSense company and the money is also given by this company to the publisher. 

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