What is Human Evolution ?: History of Human Evolution


Human evolution

Human is the best and very intelligent living thing on the Earth. Almost lakh of years ago this living organism is created. Because of this creature, the earth has been changing. After passing time, there are so many ideas are been invented by these creatures. Because of their power of intelligence, they found so many things on the earth. and with the changes of the brain, the changes of the body of the humans are also accrued. The hairs are also lost bypassing the time from the body of the humans. And the small changes in humans’ brains are also accrued by the passing of time. 

Human evolution

Human evolution

 Human evolution is the process in which the body of the Human has been changing after some time passed. Like the tail of a human is got lost. And whenever the time is passed the changes are accrued in their body. Like the human work hard to update yourself. Because of their developing stage, they got so much success. Today that hard work is turned into their smooth and easy life. And this hard work is done by the human because of the number of increase in the population of peoples on the Earth. 


Today there are almost 7 billion peoples on the Earth means 700 crore peoples on The earth are living their life. Because of the wars, the number of peoples changes. But in this time the technology is developed. At the age of starting the life of human beings, they don’t have the clothes also. But whenever time is passed the technology which is invented by humans is changes. First because of their smart brain they invented the wheels, which are changed into the cars with automatic pilot mode technic in present. For a big change, a small change is required. 


The first wheel is thrown by the human from one mountain then the human observes that the wheel is moving from one place to another place so fast. He thinks can we use it for saving time. Then the bullock cart is invented because of change in technology the cycle is invented and after some small type, it is changed into a motorcycle. After the motor-cycle, the number of cars has come. Today there are almost all cars the technology of autopilot mode is present. Because of this technology we can go anywhere without any work. 


And when the number of peoples on the earth means the population of the peoples on the Earth has changed the space for living and the food eating and water for drinking is now in danger. But the intelligence of the brain of the human is the answer to this question. Humans are working for the best life they are also trying to live on the planet Mars. Our scientists are working on this technology. Imagine the birthday of your friend and he is living on the planet Mars and you are living on the Earth. You are going to his house in half of the hour with the help of this technology. 

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