What is Ram ? And Who is God Ram ?



The word Ram has 2 meanings. The first meaning of this word is the great god Ram. The second meaning is ram means ram in the computer which is found in the computer. Which have in it already but for making the speed of the computer faster the additional ram is been fitted in the computer. 

God ram is the great god which is born on earth for truth. He searched the Lanka of Ravan which is impossible to find in that period. He did it with the help of his monkey partner. He also killed the raven, Ravan is the most dangerous Denom at that time, It has 10 mouths. And it have also a very big body. He wants to become the king of the world because he has been killed by God ram. 

Ram god

Ram god

Who is the God Ram ???, God ram is the second form of God Vishnu. God Vishnu is one of the gods of the Tridev Gods. They have all control of the world. Ramayana is the book for knowing the character of God Ram. And the story of how the God ram killed the raven. First, the ram is gone to the jungle for 14 years for the orders are given to him by his father. When he went to the jungle he met one rakshasi, she is the sister of demon Ravan. 
When the sister of Ravan talks to god ram for her marriage. God ram said no after it the sister of Ravan get angry and she started the fight with god ram. In fighting with god ram the sister of Ravan gets damaged, she loses her nose in fighting. Because of it, the Ravan gets angry with God ram and because of it, he kidnapped Devi Sita. And went to his Lanka. And at last God Ram killed the raven. 

What is Ram

What is Ram ???Ram in the computer is the most important object in a computer. Without ram, the computer can’t run. This is invented in the past 50 to 60 years. In past 50 to 60 years ago the computer is also in the big condition it has not fitted in a small room. it takes in past a very big ground for only storage in Mb’s. Which in the future almost one people have 32 Gb to 1 Tb storage in their pocket. 

And for hosting the storage the scientists make the ram. The ram handles the storage and makes the computer faster. which saves time. And because of ram, we can make our job faster. The full form of ram is random access memory. In its full form also it has the meaning it. 

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