What is Water ??? ,How to get water out of your ear

Water Molecule

Water Molecule

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 The chemical formula of water is H2O. Water is a also universal solvent. For leaving life water most important than food. By not eating food for almost thirty days the people will survive, but without drinking, the waterman will not survive for 2 days, man gets died after 2 days. There is so many unbelievable magic of water. It is transparent. How it is transparent is also a very big and mysterious thing. When our scientists find the answer to this question, then they will get the formula for making an object transparent or invisible. There are 70 percent of water is present on the earth. 

how much water should you drink a day

how much water should you drink a day?

When we are suffering from the high heat in that condition we drunk water than that condition when we have drunk it very grate and remembrance. In a day we want to drink at least 10 glasses of water. Because of water our body get recharged. In water, there is the presence of so many minerals. Which are very important for our skin. Therefore doctor’s advice for skin dryness drinks water regularly. 

And there are so many diseases that are accrued because of when we don’t drink water. Our liver gets failed, dehydrated, and etc. . For the better life of your liver or any part of your body drinking water. Really our body is very dependent on water. Water is so mysterious thing in the whole world. And one of the most mysterious facts is that one living animal who never get died is also present in water and born in water. In Hindu religion the Samudra Manthan named process is also done in water, this process is done by the gods of Hindu religion this process is very pure. 

Save waterSave water

Save water 

In so many villages water is not present, but we are lucky we have it so use it and also save it. Don’t waste it, use it properly. Almost 200 million years ago the 7continent are not in the places which they are in present. After a second the place of contents is displaced. Because of water we are living on the earth. So many years ago born of mankind or any other living organisms is done in the water.  For the future of our next generation, we want to save more water.  The technology is very progressed and that is right to say that one time the vehicles can work on water. 

How Much does a gallon of water weigh

How Much does a gallon of water weigh

8.34Ibs, The US gallon of water weighs is 8.34 Ibs or 3.78Kg at 62°F (means 17 °C).

Kerala water authority

Kerala water authority is helping to save water. This authority is a very big authority. This authority makes the supply of water in peoples of Kerala and other places. 

From this Kerala water authority, there are so much of water get supply into peoples of Kerala and nearest places. There are so many water authorities in work with the Kerala water authority.

How to get water out of your ear

How to get water out of your ear

1.Jiggle your earlobe to get water out of your ear. This first main method may shake the water out of your ear right away. 
2. Make gravity do the work. 
3.Create a vacuum. 

4.Use a blow dryer. 
5.Try alcohol and vinegar eardrops.
6.Use hydrogen peroxide eardrops. 
7.Try olive oil or any type of oil. 
8.Try more water.
9.Use all these steps the water is got out of your ear.

Water cycle

Water cycle

H2O is the compound formula of water. In this formula, h2 means 2 molecules of hydrogen and o means oxygen. Therefore water is made of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. We can try this in the chemical laboratory with the proper guides of your chemical teacher.

 Because of the increasing, the number of the peoples are living on the Earth the water is getting lost. For this, our scientists are working hard to generate water from gas technology. But today For making h2o the trees are also most important. Because of the tree, the environment of the surrounding becomes rainy. 

Plant tree! and save water!

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