Why Pakistan flag is called best toilet paper in the world

Because of technical Hacks in Google, the Google Showing results in Pakitan Flag in Search of Best Toilet Paper in the World. There are so many News Sites that are also writing and Posting means Written and Posted on it. And because of it, The news Website has Clearly given a Tittle of Best Toilet Paper in the world is the Pakistan flag showing on Google in search results. 

There are so many Famous websites are also given their reviews about it and Google is also now given a snippet for Best Toilet Paper in the World. The Pakistan Flags Images are Giving on Google Search Results. And because of it, so many Pakistan Peoples are so much Angry with google but they can’t do anything. And on youtube also You can see so many YouTubers are Roasting Pakistan on it. 

Pakistan’s National Flag

There are so many Peoples searching this term on google and because of it, so many websites are updating themselves daily. And Because of this 1 Reason also Google is showing a snippet of the Flag of Pakistan also. 

And if you search on google Bukhari Number 1 on google the google shows Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is really Very Faster means a very viral thing. So many Searches and Because of so many Articles, Google Directly shows the image of Imran Khan After searching on google. 

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