Will Dinosaur’s Ever Come Back ???



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Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles. Dinosaurs are living at age of the Triassic period between 243 and 233.23 million years ago. Its scientific name is Dinosauria. It is a very big living thing which is present in that century. Almost they are of 121 to 400ft long and with weight 69 ton to 90 tons. There are so many species are present in that period. Like T-rex, Brontosaurus, Sauropod, Theropods, etc. . From them some are vegetarian, and others are non-vegetarian. 

How they died ?

How they died? 

some peoples know about dinosaurs but they don’t know how they died. In that century a lot of dinosaurs are born. Because of it, evolution is happening in that period. One asteroid of 10 to 15km and 150 km wide destroyed all species of dinosaurs. Its name is Chicxulub impactor. Because of it the largest amount of radiations and the highest amount of heat is made. 

Before the dinosaur destroys one small living thing like a mosquito which bites one of the dinosaurs which presents in that age. And after biting it has to get a fridge for any reason. It will give us the DNA of dinosaurs, DNA means a chain that is present in every living thing. Because of DNA our specifications and what we do in our life get recorded. In every cell of the body of a living thing the DNA is present therefore in blood also the lots of DNA are will be present. 

Because of the mosquito got a fridge. The body of the mosquito is never getting decomposed in the fridge position. And the blood is also in a safe condition. When we found any type of this living organism which have the blood of dinosaur in it then it is really possible to make the dinosaurs. And the future it will happen, because in the future for farming the use of dinosaurs will be done. For generating more food because in future the food will be finished because of a lot of population of a human being. 

Will Dinosaur's Ever Come Back ???

One another way to make the dinosaurs is the making dinosaurs with the help of the species that are present in this time and much similar to dinosaurs. And this is also right the some of the dinosaurs are not affected by the asteroid. Because of it, we can say that the species are present at this time are similar to the dinosaur’s species. Cause of it we can make dinosaurs through these species DNA, but at present, this is illegal because some dinosaurs are non-vegetarian they can it humans also. In the future, we can assume that we can see dinosaurs in real and life.

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